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Cellulite Reduction is a Category... the following are the most popular procedures in the Cellulite Reduction category. The order is based on popularity on AHB

1. Velashape

VelaShape treatments are safe, effective and comfortable. In addition to circumferential reduction, VelaShape treatments can reduce the appearance of cellulite and provide overall texture improvement.

2. Cellfina

Cellfina is the newest cellulite reduction treatment on the market designed as a single treatment with long lasting results.

3. Cellulaze

Marketed as the first long-lasting cellulite treatment, this procedure

4. Reaction

The Reaction by Viora is a multi-frequency RF medical device for body contouring and skin tightening and is used in the popular ReFit by Reaction protocol

Cellulite Reduction is a category and not a specific procedure. Many offices provide one or more of the popular procedures listed below. We strongly recommend you consult with multiple doctors and determine which device or treatment (if any) is right for you.


Featured on The TODAY Show, The Doctors and other major media outlets

Cellulaze is considered the first and only long-lasting cellulite treatment currently available in the US. Cellulaze works by diminishing the lumpy pockets of fat, releasing the areas of skin depression typifying cellulite and increasing the elasticity and thickness of the skin.


Featured on The Early Show, Rachael Ray, Dr. Phil and other major media outlets

Velashape treatment can achieve both circumferential reduction and eliminate or greatly reduce the dimpling associated with cellulite. Requiring just 4 treatments, improvements begin to appear after only one treatment and involves only minimal maintenance.


Featured on The Today Show, The View, and Mike and Juliet and other major media outlets

SmoothShapes is a device that offers a painless, non-invasive process through laser and light techniques to improve engorged fat cells and treat cellulite at its source. The technology that SmoothShapes uses is called Photomology, a trademarked technology that combines laser, light, vacuum, and contoured rollers to attack cellulite directly. The end result? Smoother looking skin that is younger and tighter immediately.


Mesotherapy varies widely by practitioner, but over the last few years has become mainstream and very popular in medical spas and plastic surgeons' offices alike. A combination of medications is compounded and injected through tiny microinjections to the subcutaneous layer of skin where the cellulite resides, breaking it up and dissolving it to be eliminated by the body. Mesotherapy is excellent in conjuntion with many of the other cellulite therapies or as a stand alone treatment.


Lipodissolve is an intriguing new treatment on the market which can dramatically improve your appearance and give you the confidence you deserve. Lipodissolve involves multiple micro-injections containing pharmaceutical components that mobilize and dissolve fat. The only negative so far is that the procedure is new so there are no guarantees for long term effectiveness. However, the results for thousands of patients have been successful so you might be willing to give it a try.

Reaction By Viora

The Reaction by Viora is the first and only multi-frequency RF device that is FDA cleared and works by optimizing thermal effect at different tissue depths to improve treatment accuracy. The Reaction by Viora makes a seal with the skin to ensure the vacuum is effective and RF electrodes are fully coupled to the skin to dramatically reduce cellulite, contour and tighten skin. Recently made available in the US, this cellulite treatment can offer results in larger body areas such as thighs, buttocks, arms, or abdomen or localized fatty deposits in small and sensitive areas such as the chin, neck, inner thighs or underarms.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy mechanically vibrates connective tissue in affected areas of the body, improving the skin's appearance. Enlarged fat cells push the skin up and compress the circulatory system, reducing inflow of nutrients and outflow of waste products. Diminished exchanges in circulation lead to a gradual stiffening of the connective tissue, pulling down on the skin. The push/pull effect creates the appearance of cellulite.


VelaSmooth treatment includes the utilization of conduct RF, infrared light, and the elos massage system. The combination of state of the art technology allows VelaSmooth to back up its claims for removing cellulite. By heating the adipose tissue to a depth of 5-15mm, this system can significantly improve the look of your skin. Even more impressive is the self-cleaning electrodes that enable closer contact with the skin as it gently tugs at the tissues. The secret to VelaSmooth's effectiveness it is ability to reach deep under the treatment areas to completely attack the problem.


Made by Alma Laser, the Accent is the newest weapon against cellulite. This treatment is a great choice for people who want a non-invasive but effective treatment. Accent requires no special gels or creams to prevent pain because pain is simply not a factor. In addition, the treatment is quick and requires no downtime for the patient. The procedure utilizes a state of the art RF heating source that is combined with a unipolar hand piece for optimum tissue penetration. Circulation of the treatment area promotes absorption of retained fluid. Furthermore, Accent tightens the broken bands of tissue that usually hold back the fat. When these are corrected, they create a smoother appearance. Currently Accent is not FDA approved and further studies are needed to determine long term effects.


Most likely you have heard of massage-type treatments for removing cellulite. Endermologie is one such treatment which refers to roller massage therapy. A mechanical roller is used in combination with gentle suction to stimulate the underlying fatty tissues and slowly remove the unwanted cellulite.

Usually many treatment sessions of 30 to 45 minutes are needed to achieve the desired results. Long term results are not yet established, but patients have been happy with immediate changes. It is recommended that a patient who undergoes Endermologie treatment also have liposuction to gain maximum effects from the procedure.


If you are looking for a comfortable yet effective way to minimize the appearance of cellulite, then Synergie might be the solution you need. Relax in a calming environment and let the gentle vacuum massage take over your skin troubles. Synergie provides a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and noticeable changes can be seen in 4 to 5 treatments. Treatments usually involved twice-weekly 30 minute sessions. Monthly maintenance treatments are necessary to main the results.


TriActive is another option for temporary reduction of cellulite. Although TriActive is used more effectively as a means for smoothing areas of the body including the face, it can also be used for massage, for pre and post-liposuction treatments, and for enhancing microcirculation. The treatment involves using a micro-circulation laser to smooth and tighten cellulite. Through effective massage techniques, the subcutaneous layer of skin receives stimulation and thus changes the appearance of the skin.

Made by Cynosure, the TriActive is a diode laser technology that can be used to massage the entire body and stimulate circulation, which reduces the appearance of cellulite during the course of treatment. TriActive is recommended three times per week for two weeks, then twice per week, for a total of 12-16 treatments. Many of the clients who undergo a round of TriActive treatment continue monthly to keep up the smooth, cellulite-free appearance of their trouble spots.


DermaWave is a great alternative for people who wish to obtain the effects of traditional Mesotherapy but are concerned with associated risks and discomfort. DermaWave no-needle Mesotherapy reduces the pain and discomfort yet yields impressive results. The procedure targets specific cellulite problems of the body including the arms, legs and butt and a single session can work on multiple areas. DermaWave also prevents bruising that is typical in traditional methods so patients are able to feel at ease in smaller clothing without the fear of revealing unsightly marks.


Developed by aesthetic pioneer Dr. Stephen Mulholland, LipoLite is a combination therapy utilizing VelaSmooth, carboxy therapy, and mesotherapy, claiming liposuction-like results and an average circumferential thigh reduction of 4.2 cm, abdominal and hip reductions of 6 cm, and a 90% patient response rate.

LipoLite is a non-surgical technique for reducing the size of the thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, love handles, arms, and calves. A series of two treatments per week for sixteen weeks is required for best results.


When you think of ultrasound you probably visualize expectant mothers but you most likely do not think of aesthetics. But you should! Dermasonic promotes skin rejuvenation, exfoliation, and more through a fascinating ultrasonic process. As the ultrasonic energy passes through your skin it creates opportunities for pathways between cells to open. This allows for skin care products to reach the desired areas of treatment easily and efficiently. In addition, ultrasonic technology helps to break-up follicular deposits of oil, dirt and dead cells on and within the skin through a process called cavitation. Ultrasonic treatment can literally open the doors to newer, fresher, younger looking skin.


IoniThermie is a short term solution for losing inches quickly. The effects of an IoniThermie wrap can last for up to a week. Ionithermie delivers an advanced treatment to the sub-dermis by promoting circulation and extracting toxins deposited by caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and environmental pollutants.

Using a dual mild stimulus accompanied with thermal clay containing active ingredients derived from the finest plant extracts, Ionithermie encourages your body to rid itself of harmful toxins leaving your skin smoother and more toned.

IoniThermie is often available at day spas or on cruise ships and does not require a medical professional to be present or provide treatment.

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