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Did you know that anywhere from 85 to 98% of the female population that has gone through puberty suffers from cellulite? That's right, even the skinny girls struggle with this unsightly problem. If you know what cellulite is, then you truly understand the true meaning of the term "suffering" when it comes to cellulite.

Cellulite is that unsightly dimpling that occurs directly underneath the surface of your skin, producing an exquisite cottage cheese texture to your skin. Essentially, cellulite is caused by engorged fat cells, sounds so appealing, doesn't it? But even though you may know all of the ways to deal with fatty deposits in your body, for some reason, cellulite takes on its own life form, and seems resistant to most traditional methods of fat combat.

You may be cringing at the mere thought of cellulite with bikini season looming, but don't fret yet. Of COURSE there are magic creams and potions on the market that you can certainly try to fight this cellulite problem, but why waste time and money on methods that aren't guaranteed, and require a waiting time to work. Even if your magic potions provide a temporary solution, why should you wait to watch your cellulite disappear. That's right. You shouldn't.

Which is why you want to consider cellulite treatments that are going to give you proven results that last, and are based on scientific methods that will specifically target those fat cells causing your unsightly cellulite. Sound too good to be true? It's not, there is a system out there that can give you everything you want and need when it comes to the fight against cellulite. It's called Smooth Shapes, and just as its name implies, is destined to offer you a cellulite treatment that will give you effective, lasting results.

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What do you need to know about SmoothShapes?

Smooth Shapes is a trademarked device that offers a painless, non-invasive process through laser and light techniques to improve engorged fat cells and treat cellulite at its source. The technology that Smooth Shapes uses is called Photomology, a trademarked technology that combines laser, light, vacuum, and contoured rollers to attack cellulite directly. The end result? Smoother looking skin that is younger and tighter immediately.

What do you need to know before you decide on Smooth Shapes?

Smooth Shapes will come in the form of a series of FDA approved treatments that you will undergo to reduce your cellulite. Treatments will be taken about twice a week for four weeks for a total of eight treatments that last about 20 minutes long each. How long it takes may depend on how many areas you are targeting, but this will all be discussed in your first consultation for Smooth Shapes.

After your first treatment, it will feel like you've just had an intense workout, but you will begin to notice true effects of the treatment after about two weeks of Smooth Shapes treatment. Your skin will feel warm and tingly after every treatment, and may experience some redness. This is perfectly normal, and only a temporary effect of the Smooth Shapes treatment. Make sure that before you go to your first treatment, you remove all lotions, oils, and tanning products. Also, you will experience best results if you exfoliate completely with a body scrub and shave before your treatment.

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Smooth Shapes treatment is non-invasive, and not painful. There is no recovery time, and with every treatment you will feel like you are getting a deep tissue massage. Even better, the results are outstanding. You won't notice any weight loss with Smooth Shapes, for that you will have to focus on diet and exercise, but don't be surprised if you notice your clothes fitting a little looser. Many patients that have undergone Smooth Shapes treatment report better fitting clothes, and this is a direct result of your newly toned skin.

If you are undergoing other cosmetic treatments to fight those engorged fat cells, you can still have Smooth Shapes treatment. Studies show that patients receiving Smooth Shapes either before or after liposuction treatment will experience shorter recovery periods from liposuction. In fact, if you do get liposuction, your skin will appear even smoother and more contoured with Smooth Shapes treatment.

Are you wondering what areas to target? Smooth Shapes is ideal if you are looking for smoother hips, smoother abdomen, smoother waistline, and smoother buttocks. In fact, if you have some stubborn cellulite on your back or your knees even, Smooth Shapes can help you out with that. All of this will be discussed at your first consultation.

Still not sure if Smooth Shapes is best for you? If you are pregnant or nursing, you may want to hold off on Smooth Shapes. Once you finish nursing however, Smooth Shapes will be a great tool to get your pre-pregnancy body shape back in no time! Because so many women suffer from cellulite, almost anyone is a great candidate, all of this will be discussed at your first consultation. As long as you are able to commit to the treatment program, and are not nursing or pregnant, you should be an ideal candidate for Smooth Shapes treatment.

You should also know that Smooth Shapes will not be covered by most insurance policies. Your series of 8 treatments will run from $2000 to $4000 depending on how many areas you are targeting. If you would like to get more than your standard 8 treatments, you can do that too. And don't be surprised if you do, once you start seeing results in one are, you may want to move to another area. Remember, your skin will continue to improve for as long as six months after your treatment as your collagen is regenerating.

Are you concerned about Smooth Shapes lasting? Of course you are, every woman that tries out a new cellulite treatment worries about the same thing. With Smooth Shapes you won't have to worry about it. In fact, your technicians will stay on top of that concern for you by evaluating you every six months to determine if maintenance is needed. If you incorporate a healthy diet and an active lifestyle into your life, you can bet your results will last much longer even. It is not unusual to require maintenance once or twice a year after your initial treatment, but isn't that so much easier than remembering to use your cellulite potion three times a day?

If you fall into that 85-98% of women that struggle with cellulite, there is no reason you shouldn't book your Smooth Shapes consultation today!

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