Cycle Cellulite Away with the Cellu Curve Device


Infrared light technology and exercise combine in this device to provide significant calorie burn and inch loss.

A new device is just hitting the US market and it's showing promise for reducing the appearance of cellulite and helping patients drop inches. Cellu Curve is already well known in Europe and it earned popularity because of the ease of the procedure and the results. It is now available here in the US, but is not yet FDA approved.

Cellu Curve uses a combination of exercise and infrared light to increase calorie burn and fat loss. Patients sit on a stationary recumbent bike which is enclosed and surrounded with infrared lights. There is a touch screen above the patient so they can watch videos during the 40 minute sessions.

cellulite treatments houston
Results of Cellu Curve courtesy of Manufacturer

Dr. Barbara Marino, Director of Body By Marino, a medical spa in Houston, TX recently purchased this machine for her office and she is one of the first in the country to do so. "Cycling helps to increase blood flow to all areas of your body. Adding the infra-red technology increases the calorie burn up to 10 times the normal rate. Increased blood circulation and core temperature are key factors to move toxins out of your body, thereby enhancing weight and fat loss," she says. Additionally, the infrared pulses sync with your heart rate, increasing calorie burn.
cellu curve before and after photos
Results of Cellu Curve courtesy of Manufacturer

"Toxins stored in fat cells slow metabolism, leading to increased fat storage. The infrared heat applied in a controlled environment to the skin, can help your body eliminate the toxins, poisons and pollutants," says Dr. Marino. She goes on to explain that toxin elimination rejuvenates the body. "Infrared energy is a part of the range of electromagnetic rays that are necessary for metabolism. It has been used in maintaining body temperature in pre-term infants and to help maintain cardiovascular fitness while traveling in space."

The changes patients see can be permanent with lifestyle changes. According to Dr. Marino, patients can expect to see 3-6 inches of fat loss in the chest, waist and hips. "It is better than other noninvasive technologies in that it requires exercise, helping you to establish a lifelong habit that has continuous benefits on your body, mind and spirit. It also penetrates better than many of the other technologies because it is infrared based and there are no exclusion criteria."

Dr. Marino also explains how long treatment takes. "Cellu Curve treats most of the body in just 40 minutes. {!Lipo-Ex}, VelaShape, SmoothShapes, and Zeltiq all take 30-60 minutes per area. Exilis and Reaction take less time, but only 3-5 areas can be done at one time," she says. With CelluCurve, patients lose inches from all over their body.