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Beauty Tech Review: Aerolase Lightpod Neo


One of the most versatile aesthetic lasers in the industry. Treats multiple conditions on all skin tones and colors.

Dermatologists and aesthetic practices deal with a wide variety of skin conditions including wrinkles, skin laxity, enlarged pores, active acne, acne scars, spider veins, rosacea, melasma, hair removal, scar treatments and much more on a daily basis.  In the past, these conditions required several different lasers and devices in order to treat them effectively.  Today, they can all treated with the Aerolase LightPod Neo aka Aerolase Neo.
Actual Before and After Neoclear Acne Treatment
Photo Courtesy Aerolase - *Individual Results Vary
The Aerolase LightPod Neo is a non-ablative laser; safe for any skin type and considered by many to be the safest and most tolerable aesthetic laser on the market and it can be used for any skin type.  It uses 1064nm Micropulse Technology to deliver energy 30x to 50x faster than other lasers resulting in highly effective, long-term effects and no downtime.
Aerolase Neo Reviews
"The device is unique in that is the only such laser that puts together such a safe wavelength (1064nm), with microsecond technology in a small compact easily portable device," stated Dr. David Goldberg, New York Dermatologist.  "Incredibly successful for treatment of all skin colors who want hair removal, skin toning and/or improvement of acne and acne scars. The best device I have ever used for acne treatments."
Aerolase laser treating pigment issues
Photo Courtesy Aerolase - *Individual Results Vary
"Wow, my patients are so happy with this treatment because it treats numerous skin concerns like discoloration, acne, redness all in one," Jason Emer, Beverly Hills dermatologic surgeon. "This is the first/only device I've used that literally has no pain, patients see the results right away, and their skin glows immediately." 
"This is the only laser for achieving long-lasting results for active acne," said Dr. Bruce Katz, New York City dermatologist. "We can really target the sebaceous glands, no downtime."
Suneel Chilukuri, a dermatologist in Houston Texas described Aerolase, "the only device that has a long-term effect on active acne and most patients will see the effects within 1 to 2 days."
All of the doctors interviewed felt this device was a must have for any aesthetic or dermatology practice because of its large array of uses.
Aerolase Spider Vein Treatment result
Photo Courtesy Aerolase - *Individual Results Vary
"It is a new technology which provides high efficacy like previous lasers, but the treatment is much more tolerable and requires no downtime," Dr. Kevin Pinski, Chicago Dermatologist, told AHB. "This laser is also effective for all skin tones and skin types. Additionally, multiple skin conditions are able to be treated in a single session which amplifies results and patient satisfaction."
"So portable, if you have multiple offices this can easily be transported from location to location," described Dr. Chilukuri.
"Big thing I think people should know is the versatility --- it treats so many things and it can be used on dark skin to do hair removal, pigmentation, acne and even tighten skin.  We ADD ON this treatment to almost every laser, facial, and peel - meaning we do this treatment right before the other treatment to get more results because this literally has no downtime and is synergistic with other treatments, even with fillers and botox, if you do this treatment before or after you limit bruising and swelling!  It's absolutely amazing and a device all practitioners should have," expressed Dr. Emer.
"We can treat acne patients and get great results without concern about pain or side effects. We are able to reduce active acne, redness, and irritation with NO downtime, unlike other modalities we have used in the past. Also, skin rejuvenation patients who need some collagen stimulation and skin tightening, as well as clearance of various pigmentation disorders, can now be treated with a single device," said Dr. Pinski.
Dr. Pinski summed it up, "this device enables me to treat patients with very little discomfort and great results, so they keep coming back!"