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Beauty Tech Review: ARVATI Powered By Thermi


ThermiTight, ThermiVa & Thermi's other RF devices receive next-generation upgrade, providing more predictable results - faster and with more precision.

Thermi has released the ARVATI, a new platform featuring up to 50-watts of temperature-controlled monopolar radiofrequency energy using continuous wave technology - effectively heating skin 63% faster than before.  
The ARVATI features increased power and two-way real-time temperature control. Studies by Thermi show the device maintains within 1 degree of the set temperature 99.7% of the treatment time.
Model Photo *Individual Results Vary
The ARVATI platform is built upon increased power as well as optimized two-way real-time temperature-controlled algorithms.
"The more powerful Arvati platform substantially increases the speed that we deliver safe, precise, reproducible, monopolar RF energy into the tissue for our patients," says Dr. Edward Zimmerman, a Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon. "The new, single-use applicators/electrodes simplify treatments and are more comfortable to use."
“Arvati is the most advanced minimally invasive treatment on the market that can lift the face and most places on the body, in just 1 thirty-minute painless treatment lasting three years, and with barely any social downtime," described Holly Cutler aka “The Skin Saint” and founder of FACE Skincare in Bingham Farms Michigan. "The technology is safe, consistent, and well above anything else out there, and patient satisfaction is extremely high."
"The Arvati system provides even faster and more efficient controlled heating of tissue and ultimately tissue tightening as compared to the original Thermi platform," reported Denver plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Buford. "In doing so, we are able to achieve more precise and localized heating in even less time and with better control."
"The new Arvati System by Thermi has given us options to treat some problems that previously were only addressed with surgery," said Austin Texas Plastic Surgeon, Ned Snyder IV, MD .  "The new system has more RF energy than its predecessors and therefore allows us to treat areas like abdomens, arms, and thighs in ways that were not available to us before. It has also dramatically decreased the time of treatments, and I believe that greatly improves the patient experience."
Knoxville Tennessee urogynecologist Dr. Jeffrey Dell described 3 benefits of Arvati, "One - definitely faster rise in temperature; Two - I can see that I'm delivering more consistent and stable radiofrequency and Three - the speed has no negative impact to patient comfort."
The ARVATI will be the power behind Thermi's aesthetic devices ThermiTight, ThermiVa, ThermiRase, and ThermiSmooth.