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New ThermiRF Device Attracts Attention from Plastic Surgeons


New technology on the market is considered a long term alternative to BOTOX and other neurotoxins.

ThermiRF, one of the first and leading Micro-Invasive temperature-controlled radio frequency solutions was chosen as one of the "Best of Hot Topics" and subsequently featured in the General Session A at the 2013 annual conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) held in San Diego, California.

Dr. Brian Kinney, a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills California is the Chairman of the ThermiAesthetics Clinical Advisory Board and presented his clinical experience in his Beverly Hills, California practice with the ThermiRF temperature controlled technology in a paper entitled "Percutaneous Temperature Controlled RF - A New Paradigm for Tissue Tightening."

Dr. Kinney said, "Our patients tell me that they love the fact that they can receive consistently pleasing and predictable results and that they experience minimal discomfort or down time. I believe that this is a result of our ability to apply energy very precisely to create targeted temperatures with the ThermiRF Micro-Invasive cannulas to selected tissues while simultaneously monitoring the skin's temperature to enhance safety and efficacy."

In the United States, ThermiRF (previously known as the Symphony RF or ThermiGen) is FDA approved to create lesions in nerves allowing physicians to perform the MICRO-Invasive ThermiRase procedure for patients who are searching for a toxin free neuromodulation option (possible alternative to BOTOX or Dysport).

The ThermiRF system is also approved for sale in Canada and Canadian physicians are utilizing it for the following procedures: ThermiRase to reduce the function of nerves responsible for muscle contractions on the forehead. ThermiLift for sub-dermal heating to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the lower face and neck. ThermiTight for sub-dermal heating to lift, provide skin tightening and rejuvenate the abdomen, arms and other body areas, and for cellulite reduction. ThermiDry for patients who suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. ThermiRF Non-Invasive Treatments. ThermiSmooth for wrinkles. Thermi-VA for reducing vaginal laxity.