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Thermi Tight Success Story -- Non-Surgical Jowl and Neck Lift


Mary wasn't happy with her aging neck and jowls. Instead of a full facelift, Dr.Allan Wulc offered her the ThermiTight in office procedure. This video documents her rapid recovery.

Mary, a 51 year old patient of Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Allan E. Wulc at W Cosmetic Surgery in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, was unhappy with her double chin and jowl area.

Dr. Wulc said, "What we would be talking about ordinarily is a facelift or liposuction but what were going to do today is something different. We're going to do ThermiRF or the W ThermiLift which is the insertion of a small radio frequency device, which is actually a needle that's attached to a probe that sends a signal with a temperature that we actually generate within the tissue and heat it up and cause the fat to dissolve and the skin to tighten."

One week after the procedure Mary reported that she was still a little swollen but back at work and is able to cover her bruising with a scarf. She only needed Tylenol for the first couple of days.

ThermiRF Results
ThermiRF results after 5 weeks by Dr. Allan E. Wulc
Five weeks after having theThermiRF procedure, Dr. Wulc is very pleased with the results he sees for Mary and thinks she looks great. She can look forward to improvement to continue up to a year and this is a one time procedure.

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