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Surgical Body Shaping Wins THE Aesthetic Show Award


THE Aesthetic Show judges award Dr. Nedra Dodds for her surgical body shaping results with the combination of Zerona, LipoTherme, Fat Transfer and SmoothShapes.

THE Aesthetic Show 2011 took place in early June at The ARIA Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Thousands of industry leaders and practitioners met to learn about the newest technology available in the aesthetic sphere right now. New to the show, THE Aesthetic Awards were presented to physicians with the best patient results. Judged by a panel of renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists and members of the media who cover aesthetics, including American Health and Beauty's Editor in Chief, Keith Veseleny and hosted by The Doctors Dr. Drew Ordon, the show honored it's winners in several categories.

Dr. Nedra Dodds awarded Best Surgical Body
Shaping Award at THE Aesthetic Show

Winner of the category of Best Surgical Body Shaping is Atlanta cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nedra Dodds of Opulence Aesthetic Medicine in Kennesaw, Georgia. A former model, Dr. Dodds is the co-founder and Medical Director of Opulence Aesthetic Medicine. While her practice specializes in full service minimally invasive cosmetic surgery with a focus on body contouring and fat transfer to the face and body, Dr. Dodds also works a great deal with the care of skin: from scars, hyperpigmentation, to stretch marks. Her skin care team has received additional specialized training in treating skin of color- which encompasses a large group from Asians to certain types of Europeans.

The patient case that would win Dr. Dodds THE Aesthetic Award for Best Surgical Body Shaping Enhancement in 2011 was a young Middle Eastern woman who sought Dr. Dodd's experience because she desired a more voluptuous shape. "She was thin by cosmetic standards with no significant outstanding feminine bodily features," describes Dr. Dodds, "No amount of diet or exercise was going to give her the results that she sought."
brazilian butt lift results
Actual Surgical Body Shaping Results of Dr. Nedra Dodds
Procedures: Zerona, LipoTherme, Brazilian Butt Lift, SmoothShapes

The patient's main concerns when she saw Dr. Dodds were to attain fuller hips and more rounded buttocks. "The patient's concern was to attain the most attractive ethnically-focused feminine figure, which is my practice's specialty," says Dr. Dodds.

The patient results that won Dr. Dodds the Best Surgical Body Shaping Award were the combination of the following procedures:
brazilian butt lift before after photos
Actual Surgical Body Shaping Results of Dr. Nedra Dodds
Procedures: Zerona, LipoTherme, Brazilian Butt Lift, SmoothShapes

After consulting with the patient, Dr. Dodds first recommended pre-treatment with the low level laser therapy, Zerona. After which, Dr. Dodds harvested fat from the patient's abdomen, flanks and full back with liposuction and a small amount of laser lipoylsis, LipoTherme. According to Dr. Dodds, with a strategic fat transfer (grafting) to to the buttocks and hips, often referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift, she was able to give the patient the shape she desired. As a part of the aftercare, the patient underwent SmoothShapes to help the appearance of her saddlebag and flank area.

"The patient achieved what I would consider one of the most beautiful results as her figure transformed into the shape of a cello. As a music buff-- I found this to be a wonderful muse and quite artistically gratifying," says Dr. Dodds.