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Treatments To Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite


From at home devices such as The Wellbox to aesthetic treatments, the appearance of cellulite may be diminished with a little work.

The weather outside may be chilly and you may be covered from head to toe but you know it's there: cellulite. Studies have shown that cellulite occurs on up to 95% of all women, manifesting as dimpled cottage-cheese-looking skin on the back of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. Unfortunately there is no cure, but there are cellulite reduction treatments that may diminish its appearance. Since many of them require several treatments, now is the time to get started!

wellbox cellulite reduction
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Recently seen on The Doctors, an at-home treatment The Wellbox by LPG is a LipoMassage device that can be used in the privacy of your own home. From the manufacturers of Endermologie, a cellulite reduction treatment available in medical spas, The Wellbox Body Tissular Rejuvenate Cellulite Anti-Aging Therapy Optimizer massages and stimulates skin with the rollers in the hand-piece.

According to the manufacturer, localized fat is released by the rollers in the hand-piece which activates the breakdown of adipocytes or fat cells, resulting in up to 20% less cellulite and a loss of 3.5 cm from the thighs. Recommended usage is every other day for the body until the patient is happy with the results. The cost of The Wellbox is approximately $1,500 and may be purchased online.

For patients who do not have the time to perform the treatments on a consistent basis or for those who prefer to undergo treatments spaced out more over time, there are several cellulite reduction treatments available at medical spas. Here is a comprehensive review on cellulite reduction procedures from American Health and Beauty's Beauty Tech Review.

Cellulite Reduction treatments that are available include:
  • VelaShape

    FDA approved for circumferential and cellulite reduction, VelaShape uses radio frequency energy, negative mechanical pressure and infrared to break down the fat cells in cellulite. 4-6 treatments, once a week is recommended.
    Post 4 Treatments, Images Courtesy of Syneron

  • SmoothShapes

    A combination of massage therapy and suction, SmoothShapes emits 2 wavelength into the fatty layer that lies beneath cellulite to break down the fat cell membranes. 8 treatments are recommended, twice a week for a month.
    cellulite treatment
    Actual Results of Dr. Leyda Bowes with SmoothShapes

  • Reaction by Viora

    Using radio frequency technology, Reaction by Viora heats several layers of the skin at once, potentially addressing fat, tissue and skin that many have speculated comprises cellulite. 3-5 treatments are recommended.
    reaction before and after photos
    Reaction by Viora Results of Dr. Neil Sadick

  • Body Thermage

    Using radio frequency technology, Body Thermage tightens and contours skin by encouraging the body's natural collagen to grow. Typically only 1 treatment is recommended.
    body thermage cellulite before and after photos
    Body Thermage Cellulite Reduction Results by Dr. Silvia Cuevas
    Image Courtesy of Solta Medical

While the majority of these cellulite reduction procedures require several treatments to get the best results, many also require follow-up treatments for maintenance.