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New Cellulite Option VASERsmooth Could be Competition for Cellulaze


The latest cellulite solution is bringing options to those seeking ways to minimize the appearance of cellulite

Available only as an addition to their VASER Lipo System, Sound Surgical Technologies announced the launch of VASERsmooth, the latest minimally invasive cellulite solution to hit the aesthetic market. The company says that the VASERsmooth kit is designed to selectively emulsify superficial fatty tissue and cut through hardened membranes responsible for skin dimpling, more commonly referred to as cellulite.

VASERsmooth newest technology for treating Cellulite
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Those who have put the technology to work so far are finding results come faster with VASERsmooth than with other comparable systems already on the market. Dr. David Broadway, a Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has been using VASERsmooth for two months and is enthusiastic about the potential it has for long term cellulite reduction. "I am very excited about the early results we are seeing with the VASERsmooth technology. The procedure is several times faster than the Cellulaze treatment, and the physician gets real time, tactile feedback on the release of the fibrous septae. Thus far, the early results appear to be quite comparable to the results we are seeing with Cellulaze," says Dr. Broadway.

Los Angeles based Dr. Peter B. Fodor is a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is optimistic about VASERsmooth. Fodor has already seen the dramatic impact this treatment can have on his patients. He detailed the experience of the first patient his office treated with VASERsmooth, saying "She is very happy with her results and is wearing shorts in public for the first time in many, many years. She told us she feels like a teenager. I am looking forward to additional experience with the technique to define the role of VASERsmooth in our practice and for plastic surgery in general."

Having more choices when seeking solutions in minimizing cellulite is certainly a positive thing for consumers.

Source: Sound Surgical Technologies