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The Newest Product from the makers of the VASERlipo System

VASER smooth is the latest product to roll out from Sound Surgical, the creators of the VASERlipo system. The VASER products have distinguished themselves in the past two years with solid results, from the VASERlipo, to the VASERshape, and now to the VASERsmooth, their products have been winning over both doctors and patients alike.

VASERsmooth is is a minimally invasive procedure that attacks cellulite from the inside by the use of a newly designed handpiece that allows the doctor to manipulate the probes around the unique shape of the cellulite, while delivering the appropriate amount of energy to the tissue with big results. According to their website, VASERsmooth probes are specifically designed to emulsify superficial fatty tissue and cut through hardened fibrous septae that can result in unwanted skin dimpling and contouring irregularities. Dr. David Broadway, a Board-certified plastic surgeon in Colorado, is one of the first doctors to test the product and he says, "I am very excited about the early results we are seeing with VASERsmooth technology. The procedure is several times faster than the Cellulaze´┐Ż treatment, and the physician gets real time, tactile feedback on the release of the fibrous septae." The turnaround time associated with VASERsmooth is relatively short, too, from roughly 8 weeks to end results and minimal downtime.

VASER products are creating options for patients with cellulite who previously had either no option, longer waits, or more painful processes to endure. Another doctor using VASERsmooth in Los Angeles, Dr. Peter Fodor, reports very positive feedback from a patient, saying she is wearing shorts out in public for the first time in years and 'feels like a teenager again'; Fodor looks forward to using VASERsmooth for his patients and seeing what the advent VASERsmooth can mean for plastic surgery in general. For more information on VASER smooth, visit

  • FDA Cleared in the US
  • Anti-cellulite treatment designed by Sound Surgical that attacks the structural problems beneath the skin to reduce cellulite.

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