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Beauty Tech Review: Cellulite Reduction - Synopsis


Though there isn't yet a cure, these treatments offer significant improvement and relief for your cellulite woes.

By some estimates, around 90% of women suffer from cellulite, and those affected range from young to old and even include thin women. For many years, women tried creams and massage treatments that promised results but rarely delivered. Now, the aesthetic industry is able to offer solutions that deliver and women around the world are rejoicing at the reduction in their cellulite.

Reaction by Viora

  • Dr. Neil Sadick: ..."So the ability to target all of the different layers with differential radio frequencies is one of the major advances in terms of this technology."
  • Adjustable radio frequency targets variable depths.
  • 3-6 Treatments
  • Also tightens skin and offers circumferential reduction


  • Dr. Hema Sundaram: ..."There's no other device like it in terms of what it's composed of... and there's no other device in terms of the FDA clearance."
  • Combines bipolar radio frequency, infrared and suction.
  • Typically 4 treatments
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks, tightens skin, and offers circumferential reduction.


  • Dr. Leyda Bowes: ..."What makes the science work is that it's combining three modalities in the treatment of cellulite."
  • Uses dual wavelengths, movement and massage
  • Usually around 8 treatments for maximum results.
  • Patients often report circumferential reduction.