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Beauty Tech Review: Cellulite Reduction - Velashape


Smoothing out your skin and freeing it from cellulite is easier than ever before with this amazing new technology.

Beauty Tech Review: Cellulite Reduction

Many women are affected by cellulite, even those who are thin and in shape, and many think of it as a curse that they can never conquer. Ridding yourself of cellulite may seem like an impossible task but there is now technology available to help you acheive your smooth butt dreams.

Velashape is a unique device because it combines radio frequency, infrared and mechanical pressure, negative mechanical pressure," says Dr. Hema Sundaram, a dermatologist in Washington DC specializing in laser treatments. "There's no other device like it in terms of what it's composed of... and there's no other device in terms of the FDA clearance. It's not only FDA cleared for cellulite reduction; it's also FDA cleared for temporary circumferential reduction and when we use the treatments on patients we also find that they get significant improvements in their stretch marks."
Post 4 Treatments, Images Courtesy of Syneron

She says it's collagen growth that brings about the improvement. "There are actual scientific studies that have been performed and some of studies have involved taking a biopsy which means that you look at a piece of skin after the Velashape has been performed and what we see is the formation of new collagen and what that translates into is an improved texture of the skin and a tightening of the skin and the cellulite reduction and improvement in stretch marks so we have a scientific basis for the results that we're seeing. There is real science behind Velashape. What we also know is that the combination of the radio frequency and the infrared energies together with this pressure that is applied by the Velashape treatment is actually breaking down the fat cells. It is a temporary phenomenon but as I said the results last quite a long time even after you finish the treatments and if you are maintaining the treatments even maybe two or three times a year, you're going to keep those wonderful body contours."

Dr. Sundaram also says that Velashape works well in combination with laser lipo to clear out spots of fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. "For anyone who has those little stubborn fat deposits - maybe after having a baby, maybe before, around the waist, around the abdomen, the thighs or the buttocks - what I do there is I combine a laser assisted treatment called LipoLite which actually removes the fat. It breaks down the fat and removes it and then what my patients do is - after they've had that procedure to get rid of the fatty deposits they then have the Velashape procedure performed for a few sessions to even out their contours and get the best possible shape and the Velashape also further tightens the skin."
Post 3 Treatments, Images Courtesy of Syneron

To reach final results, several treatments are needed, but some improvement can be seen right away. As Dr. Sundaram describes, "The amazing thing about the newest Velashape which is called Velashape II, is that patients typically will see results even after the first treatment and certainly by the second. And when we say results what we're talking about is an improvement in cellulite and an improvement the circumference, a decrease actually, for instance - in the circumference of your thighs, even after one treatment or two treatments."

She says that once the treatment regimen is completed, patients can enjoy continued improvement for as much as six months. "Typically patients will have four sessions which will be spaced about three or four weeks apart. Now what the studies show is that even after they've completed all the sessions of treatment, they will continue to get further improvement over the next six months or even more so this is really nice because you start the process off and you continue to get more and more improvement in terms of the cellulite reduction, the improvement in circumference on the areas that you want to reduce."

According to Dr. Sundaram, the new Velashape II can be used for several areas all over the body. "Velashape II can be used for the waistline, for the stomach, for the buttocks, for the thighs and also for the arms and you know the back fat which people get around the bra line - it's very effective for all of those areas."

How much does Velashape cost? Dr. Sundaram says, "Typically, one treatment of Velashape for one area - for instance the thighs or the abdomen is going to cost about $250-$350, but in my office and certainly in other doctors' offices, you can buy a package of treatment and get a very significant discount."

Watch Dr. Hema Sundaram discuss VelaShape II below:

Dr. Hema Sundaram
Dr. Hema Sundaram

Dr. Sundaram is a Board Certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic surgery and the treatment of all skin, hair and nail conditions. Author of Face Value, she is recognized as an international teacher of advanced cosmetic surgery and dermatology. Dr. Hema has made numerous appearances on national television and radio, in leading newspapers, health and beauty magazines and at the National Press Club, and is a faculty speaker at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

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