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Newest Weapon for Fat and Cellulite -- The VelaShape III


Syneron claims an average circumference reduction of almost 3 centimeters following just 1 treatment with the newly FDA cleared VelaShape III

VelaShape III receives FDA Clearance
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The war for non-invasive body contouring treatments for fighting lax skin, cellulite and fat reduction has been heating up over the past several years and today Syneron Medical is raising the bar with the introduction of their new VelaShape III platform.

The VelaShape platform enjoys a huge installation base worldwide as one of the most common body contouring devices on the market. Patients searching American Health and Beauty however, seem to prefer Venus Freeze, Exilis and CoolSculpting. It will be interesting to see if this new version of the device and protocols will create a spark in the demand for this old powerhouse brand.

Two key points being stressed with the new system:
  • Reduced in treatment times
  • Higher energy / More power
  • Fewer treatments required
Actual Before and After Results VelaShape III
Before and After VelaShape Results - 2 Treatments
Photo Courtesy syneron-candela.com
The VelaShape III platform is set to be a body shaping competitor. "In clinical trials we found that we can achieve a quicker temperature end point in a matter of minutes with VelaShape III as opposed to the prolonged time required by the previous device," said Lori Brightman, M.D., board certified Dermatologist at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York and one of the lead investigators for both the original and the new VelaShape III system. "By reaching temperature endpoint quicker, practitioners can use the valuable time to maintain the necessary temperature to effectively complete the treatment in a much shorter session."

Some VelaShape III reviews from the companies website:

"In our practice and studies we found significant reduction in circumferences of the abdomen with the VelaShape III, with no serious adverse effects. There is also an improvement in skin texture post VelaShape III treatment and the patients are very satisfied from their results." -- Dr. Jason Pozner

"We've seen great results consistently with VelaShape. We've had multiple patients lose up to 5 centimeters off their waist and abdomen area." -- Dr. Lori Brightman

By: Keith Veseleny