Beauty Tech Review: Body Contouring - Synopsis


We spoke to 12 different physicians regarding the latest modalities in lipo to bring you the Beauty Tech Review of Body Contouring systems.

As the boom in body contouring continues to grow, technology is growing with it. Physicians are making changes in their techniques and manufacturers are coming up with devices able to shape the body and disrupt fat in novel ways. We spoke with several physicians about body sculpting using the 9 most often used body contouring procedures currently available.


Dr. Mark Schusterman: ..."The bottom line is, traditional liposuction works, it works well, and it works well on the majority of patients."

  • No use of lasers or other technology to disrupt fat.
  • Return to regular activity in 2-3 days, exercise in 1 month
  • Offered by most cosmetic surgeons.
  • Additional information about Liposuction

    Laser Assisted Lipo

    Dr. Thomas Barnes:..."You get increased skin shrinkage - skin tightening - in addition to what you get from liposuction alone."

  • Laser fiber delivers heat to melt fat and stimulate collagen growth
  • Many patients return to work after 1-2 days
  • Offered by many physicians, multiple lasers available
  • Brands offered: SmartLipo, ProLipo, SlimLipo and more.
  • Additional information about Laser Lipolysis

    Tickle Lipo

    Dr. Victoria Falcone:"...the vibration of the cannula overrides the nerve fibers and makes it much more comfortable. Most of the patients say it tickles."

  • Dr. Jeffrey Hall:"...The recovery is so much better for the patient. They have less bruising and less swelling."
  • Uses a vibrating cannula to break up fat
  • Patients return to work in 2-3 days, some as early as 1
  • Currently offered at approximately 20 offices around the US

    Ultrasound Assisted Lipo

    Dr. David Broadway:" makes it much easier to sculpt people and that's really the goal. It's not to just volumetrically reduce people but to actually sculpt people."

  • Ultrasonic waves of energy break up fat
  • Many return to work in 2-3 days
  • More than 1000 units placed
  • Brands offered: Vaser
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    Water Assisted Lipo

    Dr. Todd Malan:"...we're actually using a jet of water to blast the fat off its connective tissue like shaking grapes off a vine"

  • A pressurized spray of water separates fat from connective tissue
  • Most patients return to work in one day
  • Offered at many offices around the nation
  • Brands offered: {!Body-Jet}
  • Additional information about {!Water Assisted Lipo | body-jet}


    Dr. Henry Chan: "...we find it to be very effective, especially treating localized areas such as the love handles, abdomen, back fat"

  • Dr. Lori Brightman: "...this is actually a non-invasive way of destroying fat cells in your body"
  • Dr. Rox Anderson: "...What's going on with a stick of butter is that the fat molecules crystallize, they 'freeze' if you will, at a much higher temperature than water does. In your body, fat is by far the richest lipid tissue and it undergoes the same transition"
  • Applies cold to an area, causing fat to crystallize
  • Return to exercise and regular activities immediately
  • Still undergoing FDA trials, not generally offered
  • Brands offered: Zeltiq
  • Additional information about Cryolipolysis

    Low Level Laser Therapy

    Dr. Thomas Barnes: "...we can lose 4 or 5 inches - an aggregate - off of hips, thighs and waist"

  • Completely non-invasive light causes fat cells to empty contents
  • Exercise and regular activities can be resumed immediately
  • Widely available, not FDA approved for this use
  • Brands offered: Zerona
  • Additional information about Low Level Laser Therapy

    Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo

    Dr. Malcolm Paul: "...this is the only technology that can simultaneously dissolve the fat cells, coagulate the blood vessels (so that there's less bleeding and bruising) aspirate the fat that is dissolved, and as importantly, tighten the collagen from the skin down to the muscle"

  • Dr. Richard D'Amico: "...It also has incredible value in treating cellulite because nothing treats cellulite like this does"
  • Radio frequency breaks up fat from surrounding tissues
  • Return to work and regular activity within a week
  • Brands offered: BodyTite
  • Not yet FDA approved, only available as part of trials