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ProLipo is a minimally invasive, pulsed laser body sculpting system that removes fat deposits and tightens the overlying skin. Often, ProLipo procedures are performed under only local anesthesia, eliminating one of the risk factors of traditional lipo.

Using a 1064-nm laser to melt fat and then gentle suction to remove it, ProLipo from Sciton is a laser assisted lipolysis procedure growing in popularity. Stubborn areas that resist diet and exercise can be eliminated through ProLipo. It is ideal for fat removal from areas such as under the chin, on the neck, the abdomen, flanks, and buttocks. It has also proved useful on the upper arms and upper thighs.

Traditional liposuction does very little for tightening skin and many times additional procedures such as a tummy tuck are needed. For many patients, ProLipo eliminates the need for additional treatments because it tightens the skin while removing the unwanted fat underneath.

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