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Get Rid of Armpit Fat with Liposuction


Lipo can remove that embarrassing bulge between your bra and underarm.

You don't often hear women complain about underarm fat but those that have it hate it. It's that bit of fat between your bra and armpit that always shows up clear as day on photos. This fat tends to be exercise and diet resistant meaning that there's no amount of dieting or exercising you can do to make it go away. While to some this may seem like a trivial area to worry about, for anyone with a strapless wedding gown to wear or who is often in a tank top, bra fat is a problem.

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There is a simple outpatient medical procedure that can be done to easily remove this small pocket of fat using liposuction. On Dr. Oz today, he has a guest who had her bra bulge removed using liposuction with twilight anesthesia so that the patient isn't fully asleep. The physician inserts the cannula under the skin and simply suctions out the small pocket of fat. There is almost no recovery time and patients are typically able to return to work and regular activities the next day.

In some cases though, that excess is not fat, rather it's additional breast tissue which diet and fat cannot affect. While it is still possible to remove it, different liposuction techniques are needed. Breast tissue is more fibrous than fat so methods similar to those used for male breast reduction are necessary for proper removal.

Other possible solutions include laser lipo with a device such as SmartLipo or ProLipo which melt the fat prior to aspirating it. A very small laser thread is inserted and emulsifies the fat under the skin. After the fat is treated, the physician follows up with a cannula to suction out the melted fatty tissue. These procedures can often be performed with only local anesthetic right in the doctor's office rather than needing a separate trip to a surgery center.

Vaser is another minimally invasive option that uses ultrasonic waves of energy to break up the fat prior to removal, much like laser lipo, but without using light energy as the thermal delivery agent. After the fat is separated from the surrounding tissues, a cannula is inserted to suction out the loosened fat.