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Treatment Options for Cankles


Plastic surgery for Calf-Ankles or "Cankles" is surprisingly becoming more popular in the US and the UK

Cankles are typically defined as a lack of definition between the calf and thighs, but often includes the bulge of fat forced out of the top of the shoe. ABC News has referred to Cankles as "The New Muffin Top".

On today's The Doctors TV show, Dr. Andrew Ordon used a liposuction method to treat the woman in the photo below. Most surgeons recommend treating with small cannula liposuction or laser lipo to sculpt and contour the lower calf and ankle. This procedure can be painful and isn't quick to recover from. This area of the body has a large number of nerves, blood vessels and the Achilles tendon that may be at risk for injury so if you consider surgery, the surgeon selection is critical!

Cankle Liposuction Results from The Doctors
Cankle Liposuction Results
Photo Courtesty of www.thedoctorstv.com

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon, tells AHB, "I do "cankle" cases with local liposculpture techniques around the ankle areas and lower calf if needed. This is an area for experts due to local anatomy issues. While the post op swelling can last a bit longer than other body areas, the results can be amazing, with no increase in post op discomfort over other body areas. Women who usually wear pants instead of dresses are then able to wear the clothes they always dreamed of wearing..."

Concerning "modern technologies" Dr. Barnes stated, "Sometimes Tickle Lipo or SmartLipo can be used in larger cases where more fat is present at the lower thighs, but in the ankle areas, it's very fine work and I believe that detailed, hand liposculpture work is best and perhaps safest as well."

Dr. Oz said on his show "Cankles may be indicative of a number of health issues, including heart and kidney problems. The cankle, marked by little or no definition of the bones and muscles between the calf and ankle, can be caused by fat deposits, fluid retention or genetics." A valid reason to investigate your health, lifestyle and diet.

Are there Non-Surgical Cankle options?

Although we've discussed exercises for cankles, do understand that you can't spot reduce fat through exercise. But experts agree that defining the calf muscle and losing some extra pounds may help.