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What to Do About Bra and Underarm Fat


The unsightly bulge next to your armpit can be embarrassing. Get rid of it with a visit to your cosmetic surgeon.

Armpit fat is often the embarrassing downfall of a strapless top. When you have on a cute sleeveless dress or a strapless shirt, the roll of fat just above your armpit can kill an otherwise sexy outfit. Often, the fat is very resistant to diet and exercise and can't be removed on your own. If you've noticed this in your outfits, your cosmetic surgeon can help you get rid of armpit fat.

what to do about bra and underarm fat

There is a simple method of syringe liposuction available to help cure this common condition. The physician inserts a syringe under the skin and suctions out the small portion of fat between the breast and the armpit. For most patients, recovery time is short and they only need to wear compression garments for a couple of weeks following the procedure to ensure proper healing.

Other traditional liposuction alternatives include laser lipo technologies such as SmartLipo and ProLipo. These devices use tissue specific laser energy to emulsify fat before it is removed with a cannula. Often, these procedures can be performed under local anesthetic right in the doctor's office rather than undergoing the additional expense of an anesthesiologist and going to a surgery center.

Vaser lipo is also a possible solution for removing excess fat in the armpit area. The device uses ultrasonic waves break up the fat from surrounding tissues prior to removal, making removal easier than with traditional methods. Once the fat is separated from the surrounding tissues, much like with laser lipo, a cannula is inserted to suction out the fat. Typically, this procedure can also be performed under local anesthesia.

Talk to your aesthetic physician to determine which option is best for your body. Don't suffer the embarrassment of armpit fat any longer!