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Mons Pubis Lipo: Remove The Fat From the Upper Pubic Area


Excess fatty tissue over the mons pubis is common as we age and is often a source of embarrassment, especially in bathing suits and tight clothing.

A new hot area of interest for Lipo-contouring is reducing the bulge of the Mons Pubis on women and the same area for men. Often, these areas collect excess fat related to weight gain or simply the aging process when fat distribution changes over the advancing years.

For women, it is not unusual for lipo surgeons to contour the abdomen but neglect to remove excess fat of the Mons Pubis or Super Pubic area. The patient then notices that the Mons appears to be much bigger after the abdomen is contoured.

Before and After Photo of Tickle Lipo body contouring
Combination Tickle Lipo & SmartLipo Body Contouring by Dr. Thomas Barnes

The Mons may stick out when they wear tight pants or jeans because the flatter tummy no longer "hides" that area. It may also be that fat is stored in the Mons to a greater degree after liposuction of multiple other body areas.

Either way, many women do not like the "bulge." Not infrequently, as men reach the 40's and 50's, the same area begins to collect more fat, even if their abdomen is relatively flat.

Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Thomas Barnes, uses a combination of Tickle Lipo and SmartLipo in his Mons contouring procedure (monsplasty) that is performed awake and in under 30 minutes.

If there is loose skin, Dr. Barnes uses the SmartLipo laser to provide some tightening and a slight lift.

Dr. Barnes was seeing a few patients a quarter for this procedure, now he is helping several people a month.