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HydraSolve Offers the Benefits of Liposuction without the After Effects


FDA approved device uses cutting-edge technology to limit the traditional side effects associated with liposuction.

Cosmetic surgeons have relied on liposuction as a fat removing procedure for decades and although this method can be extremely effective, it generally results in a painful recovery process. Most liposuction technologies use some form of a suction-assisted shearing device to cut and remove fat from the body. This process can often cause additional stress to the body as the connective tissue inside the subcutaneous space, which consists of larger blood vessels and nerves, are damaged during the procedure, resulting in post-operation swelling and bruising.

HydraSolve newest tool for Liposuction
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The body fat that is stored in a person's body is a solid mass in its normal form. In order to remove this solid body fat from the body during a cosmetic procedure, doctors would either have to chop and dissect the fat into small pieces and remove it from the body via a small vacuum device, or liquefy the body fat using some form of thermal energy.

Traditionally, liposuction required a surgeon to insert a sharp-edged aperture cannula through a small incision in the target area. Once the cannula had been inserted, the doctor would rapidly thrust the cannula in order to mince the body fat in a manner that made it possible to be removed from the incision. "The main problem with the traditional liposuction procedures has been that it is impossible to target the fat tissue specifically without damaging other parts of the subcutaneous tissue", stated Dr. Mark Andrew, founder of Andrew Technologies. This means that in the process of shearing the fat tissues, the connective tissue strands that house the larger blood vessels and nerves are also being sheared and damaged in the process, causing significant surgically induced trauma to the connective tissue matrix.

Other liposuction technologies incorporate these same inefficiencies, regardless of any additional technological features they may incorporate. These technologies require the use of a cannula with aperture edges in order remove body fat, which means that these procedures revolve around cutting tissue, both fat and non-fat tissue in the subcutaneous layer.

Dr. Andrew has recently released the FDA-cleared HydraSolve Lipoplasty System that is set to revolutionize the lipolysis industry. This system offers the benefits of standard liposuction procedures without the collateral damage to the non-fat body tissue. "HydraSolve is the only technology that uses a non-shearing mechanism to remove fat from the body", stated Andrew.

While other technologies use a suction-assisted sharpened aperture to remove body fat, HydraSolve utilizes a proprietary low energy Tissue Liquefaction Technology? (TLT), to remove only the targeted fatty tissue, while preserving the integrity of the connective tissue in the subcutaneous layer. This results in quicker healing and shorter downtimes for the patient. HydraSolve accomplishes this by using a natural saline solution that is heated and pressurized at low levels in order to strategically remove fat from the body. The thermal energy caused by the HydraSolve solution causes a disruption to the bonding process that connects fat cells to one another. This results in the fat tissue being transformed from a solid to a liquid. The liquefied body fat is then sucked away through a cannula.

The HydraSolve system offers benefits both to the patients as well as the doctors. "Many surgeons have commented that traditional liposuction methods are too labor intensive and take too long", stated Andrew. However, with HydraSolve system the ease of use is tremendous and allows surgeons to complete a liposuction procedure in a slow, controlled, and methodical manner.