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Cellulite Reduction with Reaction by Viora


Radio frequency energy reaches high potential with Reaction by Viora.

Radio frequency (RF) energy has become a leading force in the aesthetics industry as physicians and manufacturers rely on its efficacy in treating several of the beauty issues patients face and RF's ability to treat all skin types. The Reaction by Viora is the only device that allows physicians to fully customize their treatments by offering an adjustable RF platform so that more procedures can be combined into one machine.

Susan, a 60 year old patient with average build and healthy body weight, still suffered from cellulite on the back of her thighs. She decided to turn to the professionals at LaserTouch SOHO for help with her cellulite and was introduced to Reaction by Viora. She was concerned that because of a sensitivity to bruising, the treatment would leave her black and blue. Because the technician was able to turn down the vacuum settings, she was happy to see no bruising following the initial treatment.

During the next treatment, the technician tried a bit higher setting, but Susan felt a bit some discomfort so the setting was dialed back. Over the next several treatments, Susan began to notice her jeans fitting better, and began to see improvement in her skin laxity Even with a higher setting, she still had no bruising.

reaction before and after

By treatments 4 and 5, she said that her legs were looking better, she had better skin texture and saw a reduction in the cellulite on the backs of her legs. In the 5th session, it was noted that she had a 1/2 inch reduction in the size of each thigh. After treatment 6, Susan returned one more time for a final treatment to work on improving some more cellulite.

At the end of the process, Susan was pleased with her final results and felt that she had marked improvement. There was measurable reduction in her thigh circumference and the cellulite appeared diminished. Patients interested in Reaction by Viora should talk to their physician and see if it's the appropriate device for the results they'd like. It's important to remember that skin tightening procedures don't provide the dramatic results of liposuction, but they do give results without the pain and downtime of surgery.