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ReFit For Skin Tightening After Major Weight Loss?


Biggest Loser contestant undergoes non-surgical ReFit by Viora for skin tightening after losing 93 pounds for tighter, firmer skin.

One of the major concerns of patients that undergo major weight loss is excess skin. In fact, while skin tightening in a big issue on the face in terms of anti-aging, it is also a common complaint on the body, after losing a large amount of weight. Weight gain, rapid weight loss or even pregnancy can create excess or loose skin that essentially just hangs off the body. While there are surgical procedures available, such as a tummy tuck or body lift, new technology is becoming available that may address excess skin without surgery.

ReFit skin tightening before and after
Actual ReFit Results of Biggest Loser (Israel) Contestant, Post 4 Treatments
Patient: 33 yo Female, Weight Lost: 93 lbs
Image Courtesy of Viora

According to the manufacturer, ReFit uses the Reaction by Viora to address excess skin by utilizing the 4 modes of radiofrequency energy combined with vacuum therapy to deeply penetrate different tissue depths. By restoring collagen, skin is therefore firmer and more elastic in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight.

As in the case of E.G., a former Biggest Loser (Israel) contestant, who lost a whopping 93 pounds in 9 months on the show through only diet and exercise. As a participant of the show, she felt her confidence had built up and she says, "The trainers were incredible and helped me at every step. They identified my weaknesses and helped me change the way I thought about everything, food, working out, how I view myself in the mirror, etc. They gave me the tools to continue this lifestyle on my own."

Although she was happy with the large amount of weight she lost, that paired with years of "yo-yo dieting" and the recent birth of her son had left her a large amount of excess skin she was concerned about. After conducting some research and hearing about the ReFit procedure from her trainer at the gym, E.G. decided to undergo the procedure.

She said, "I had treatments on my underarms and stomach - each area took 20 minutes each session. The results are great and I'm excited as to how ReFit will change my life. I've seen a real difference in the loose skin on my stomach and arms. These areas look smoother and firmer."
ReFit skin tightening results
Actual ReFit Results, Post 8 Treatments
Patient: 27 yo Male, Weight Lost: 115 lbs
NOTE: Not Biggest Loser (Israel) Contestant
Image Courtesy of Viora

A series of 8 treatments are recommended for the best results. Studies have shown the progress of the procedure by recording the initial status at baseline (before treatment), after 4 treatments, after 8 treatments and then 1 week after the 8th treatment to show how patients continued to improve in appearance over time.

According to E.G., the treatments were not painful and while she did experience some redness, that faded after an hour. The Israel Biggest Loser contestant says, "I was hoping for some improvement in my sagging skin on my stomach and arms but the results are more than I've hoped for!"