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Reaction By Viora Offers Skin Tightening And Cellulite Reduction


Boca Raton Board Certified plastic surgeon and author, Dr. Daniel Man, uses the multi-frequency RF device, Reaction by Viora and is seeing results that keep patients coming back.

VIORA, a leading manufacturer of medical aesthetic devices, announced today that Daniel Man, M.D., has recently introduced Reaction treatments to his patients at his practice in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Man is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and a proud board member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgery, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. He is the author of a guidebook to cosmetic surgery called The New Art of Man: Faces of Plastic Surgery which combines his love of plastic surgery and art.

Boca Raton Skin Tightening Dr. Daniel Man Viora Reaction
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"VIORA is proud to overcome the limits of single frequency and enable Dr. Man the ability to offer his patients the only multi-frequency RF device on the market. Dr. Man's prestigious background and cutting-edge reputation provide further validation of the Reaction's clinical breakthrough for cellulite treatment and body contouring applications," said Josef Luzon, CEO of Viora.

"In a short time, I have gathered enough information on REACTION machine by VIORA," said Dr. Daniel Man. "In the last 35 days I have personally offered treatment for rather unusual cases such as post operative irregularities in the neck, local irregularities after face lift, loose neck skin in 60, 65 and 68 year old white females and a 71 year old male. In the past these patients were part of 'wait and see' rather than get treated. With the ability to offer three different adaptable radio frequency energies, I was able to convert these patients to regulars who kept coming back for more "Patients report progressive improvements and I am waiting to see more results."

The Reaction is the first and only multi-frequency RF cellulite treatment device available to the medical aesthetic community. Dr. Daniel Man is joining a team of globally renowned physicians that have been treating patients with the Reaction for over a year. Dr. Daniel Man's work with the Reaction will enable Viora to optimize treatment protocols further.

Prior to the introduction of the Reaction, the aesthetic industry was limited by single frequency RF devices. The Reaction broke new ground by offering targeted multi-frequency RF treatments. This ability provided practitioners with new ways to treat and cover a greater spectrum of cellulite conditions and their triggers than ever before.