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Reaction by Viora Provides Cellulite Treatment


Getting rid of cellulite on your own isn't easy. Reaction by Viora offers effective treatment for all skin types.

Cellulite is a common problem for many women, those who are overweight and those who are thin. It's caused by fat cells pushing up through the fibrous matrix of the skin, causing an uneven appearance. While a proper diet and exercise do help, there really is no way to permanently get rid of cellulite. There are temporary fixes though that can minimize the appearance of cellulite and get you back out in shorts again.

"Any woman who wants improvement of her cellulite and wants to move to the next level with a more advanced technology is a good candidate for Reaction by Viora," says board certified dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick. Reaction is a radio frequency (RF) device that uses RF energy to stimulate the growth of collagen which tightens the skin's matrix and holds in the fat cells for a more uniform plane on the top of the skin.

One benefit of Reaction that sets it apart from other technologies is the ability to adjust the setting depending on what layer of the skin you're treating. "You can have higher intensity superficial frequencies that target the dermis and you can also have deep bulk heating of deeper tissue in the fat layer. The ability to target all of the different layers with differential radio frequencies is one of the major advances of this technology."

reaction before and after photos
Reaction by Viora Results of Dr. Neil Sadick

Dr. Sadick says Viora can be used on patients with just a little cellulite and those with a lot. The multiple intensity levels of RF make a wide range of treatments possible. "By having a newer technology like Viora that can target both mid-dermal as well as subcutaneous fat cells enables us to produce a more effective cellulite outcome for our patients."

Multiple treatments are needed to see the best results with Reaction by Viora. Dr. Sadick says 3-5 treatment sessions are best and they should then be repeated about every 6 months to keep up the improvement. The amount of time required for a treatment varies depending on the area and severity of the cellulite. Every patient can be treated because skin type and color are not an issue.