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Brazilian Butt Lift: Adding Shape And Volume With Your Own Fat


For ages, the question of moving unwanted fat to a more desirable location has been asked by women everywhere. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, which relies on fat transfer, this is now a possibility.

For years, breast augmentation has been the most popular body enhancement procedure amongst women. However, a rising trend that has emerged that adds volume below the waist, to the buttocks. Buttock augmentation has been available for quite some time but it is only in recent years that advances in the fat transfer process has made augmenting the derriere a rising star.

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Also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, this form of buttock augmentation uses fat from the patient to add volume to the buttocks. The best of both worlds, patients benefit by getting rid of unwanted fat from an undesirable area and fuller and shapelier buttocks.

According to Dr. Robert Burke, who performs Brazilian Butt Lifts in Michigan, "In just the past few years, one of the most common procedures women ask for is buttock augmentation to treat sagging or a lack of fullness in the rear. This trend has been preset by celebrities such as J-Lo or Kim Kardashian, whose posterior curves are renowned and women want to look like that."

At his Michigan practice, The Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Burke says this is a large subset of patients who never would have come in for cosmetic enhancement but the Brazilian Butt Lift offers them a return two-fold. As women grow older, unwanted fat may accumulate that is stubborn to any form of diet and exercise. Or after bearing children, fat may have redistributed to other areas. Regardless, the Brazilian Butt Lift offers patients a way to get rid of unwanted fat and reusing it in a more desirable location. "Patients want their buttocks area to look better - they want it to look younger, be lifted and they want the skin to be smooth. They are showing more skin than ever but they also want to look and feel good in clothes and this procedure achieves that," states Dr. Burke.

In addition to adding volume and shape to the buttocks, Dr. Burke says many of his patients are also seeking cellulite reduction. "Currently, there are several ways to temporarily mask the appearance of cellulite. This means patients have to continually return for treatments because the treatment is not long lasting. If the patient has severe cellulite, since there are different degrees of cellulite, these treatment may not help at all," states Dr. Burke, "When we perform the Brazilian Butt Lift, we often do it in conjunction with what I have found to be the best treatment for cellulite so far, a surgical option to reducing the appearance of cellulite. We actually separate the fibrous bands beneath the skin that are responsible for the lumpy bumpy appearance of cellulite."

Which is why Dr. Burke is also interested in the newest FDA approved cellulite reduction device Cellulaze. "This is a laser treatment with a side firing laser fiber that is placed within the sub-cutaneous area where it may treat cellulite at the source by breaking up the connective tissues beneath the skin," explains Dr. Burke, "This device is promising but if further results and studies show results, it would be an ideal addition to the Brazilian Butt Lift."

During the Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is removed through a liposuction method that preserves the fat cells rather than destroying them. "Previously, fat transfers required multiple attempts due to unsuccessful grafts, in most cases due to fat not surviving in the recipient site. With advances in technology, fat survival rates have increased - cutting down the number of attempts to just one procedure," explains Dr. Burke, "In addition, the manner of fat removal plays a key role. We use a special filter during liposuction that filters out all the fluids and tissue and leaves more intact fat cells. We also turn the suction on the liposuction device down, which slows down the process but increases the viability of the fat cells."
brazilian butt lift before after photos
Actual Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift Results by Dr. Robert Burke

Pure fat is then extracted and placed in syringes to be injected into the buttocks. "After the fact cells are removed, we process them and add Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the patient, which is found in the patient's blood. The plasma ingredients includes platelet derived growth factors that actually help cells to live in the new site," states Dr. Burke.

Since the fat may be injected in several locations, the physician has the capability to precisely shape the buttocks verses simply adding an implant, as traditional buttock augmentation required. "Using the Microdroplet technique, we make tiny incisions that are hidden in the gluteal folds and inject the harvested fat in many different directions to add volume and shape the buttocks," describes Dr. Burke.
buttock augmentation before after photos
Actual Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift Results by Dr. Robert Burke

There are several benefits that the Brazilian Butt Lift has in comparison to traditional Buttock Augmentation, including downtime. "Interestingly enough, many people are under the misconception that they can sit down for several weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift but contrary to popular belief patients can sit down immediately," says Dr. Burke, "Most of the augmentation is performed in the upper part of the gluteal area and what you sit on is called your ischial tuberosity, or your sitting bones. As long as patients don't place pressure on the area which has been augmented, they can sit right away. Most of our patients recover in our out-patient suite and then they go home."

While the media has been a buzz with injections of other substances to add volume to the buttocks, Dr. Burke says there really aren't any other volumizing agents that rival the fat retrieved from the patient. "It would be nice if there was a butt injection that we could use to fill in a small area, much like how we use facial fillers but frankly, there aren't any good butt injections that have been developed that will provide enough volume other than using your own material, your own fat."