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Brazilian Butt Lift - Use Your Own Fat to Get the Butt You Want


Many patients are turning to their cosmetic surgeon to get the rounded, lifted buttocks so popular in Hollywood right now.

There's no denying that rounded, voluptuous butts are in. Many of the hottest stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and now Nicki Minaj have popularized a large rear, and that has given buttock augmentation procedures a big boost. One of the most sought after procedures is a Brazilian Butt Lift that adds volume without an implant and without significant scarring.

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Patients have several options when considering undergoing a buttock augmentation. "There are combinations of things that can be done," says Dr. Paul Vitenas, a cosmetic surgeon performing Brazilian Butt Lifts in Houston. "There are actually buttock implants that can be put in. This was really popular several years ago, but now it has really lost popularity here in the US because the complication rate is almost 30% and it requires a fairly significant scar which can be seen." Dr. Vitenas said the complication rate, along with the scar and the significant downtime of the procedure has made it less than ideal.

brazilian butt lift before and after pictures
Actual Brazilian Butt Lift results of Dr. Paul Vitenas

Rather than using foreign implants, many patients have turned to fat transfer procedures. These have seen significant increase in popularity because they're a combination procedure, typically leave no scars, and the injected volume is visually enhanced when fat stores around the area are reduced with liposuction. "Most surgeons in the US have abandoned the implantation of prosthesis to give a butt augmentation and as the implants have waned, fat transfers have waxed," says Dr. Vitenas.

The fat transfer concept is fairly simple. Fat is taken from one area and injected into another. Though the concept is an easy one, the actual process is a bit more complex. As Dr. Vitenas describes, "We are doing more body liposuction after which we filter and wash the fat. That fat is injected into the buttocks to enhance them and to lift the buttocks. It gives them a better shape and really gives a much better, more natural result than a buttock implant does." Dr. Vitenas goes on to say that there are less downtime and complications with Brazilian Butt Lift and as a physician, it gives him more license and ability to sculpt the final result.
brazilian butt lift before and after photos
Actual Brazilian Butt Lift results of Dr. Paul Vitenas

Fat transfer is sometimes criticized because after the fat cells are injected, some of them die off and are processed out of the body, so some volume is lost. Dr. Vitenas says though that improved methods have been devised over the last few years to provide patients with a better, lasting result.

With Brazilian Butt Lift, patients enjoy a quicker recovery and a scarless result. There is still bruising and soreness to contend with and there's no concern about the body rejecting an implant. Also, patients like that not only have they added volume, but they've removed fat deposits elsewhere. If you want a more round derriere, talk to your doctor to find out if you're a candidate.