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Options For A Shapelier Behind - The Butt Bra?


For those seeking a derriere like Beyonce, there are now undergarments such as the Butt Bra and cosmetic procedures for more permanent results.

It was only a matter of time - with the huge success of cleavage enhancing bras, as focus began to travel south to the buttocks, that a Butt Bra be invented to enhance the curvature and projection of the buttocks.

As recently seen on The Doctors, a new undergarment, the Biniki ButtBra, invented by psychologist Dr. Karin Hart, is now available to wear underneath clothes to offer more support and to add more definition to the buttocks. Available for both females and males (called the Maniki), the ButtBra resembles a thong with two adjustable elastic straps. The straps each go between the bottom of buttock and the top of the thigh, and in theory, adds lift to sagging buttocks.

However, for those searching for more permanent results, a buttock augmentation may be in order. New techniques include using the patients own fat in a fat transfer procedure to permanently round out and lift up the derreiere and may be injected in different places to get the best shape possible.

colombian hi-def butt lift before and after
Photo is NOT using a Butt Bra
but an Actual Colombian Butt Lift Result Using Fat
Photo Courtesy www.thedoctorstv.com

Previously featured on The Doctors, the Colombian Hi-Def Butt Lift, performed by renowned Denver VASER Lipo provider Dr. David Broadway, takes unwanted fat and moves it to the buttock. After a small incision is made in the site of unwanted fat, Dr. Broadway begins the VASER Lipo procedure by inserting a small cannula. Unlike traditional liposuction, which uses mechanical power, the VASER Lipo uses ultrasonic waves to break up the fat and connective tissues.

Click Here To See Actual Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer Results of Dr. David Broadway

Also unlike traditional liposuction, the fat that is removed is not destroyed and may be used to re-inject into the body in areas such as the breast or in this case, the buttocks. The fat is injected into the fatty layers as well as the muscle, shaping and filling the buttock out for a more sculpted, rounded appearance. Recovery is relatively short and results are long lasting, with new fat transfer technique.