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Changing the size or shape of your buttocks can change your whole body.

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Buttock augmentation, butt implants, or gluteoplasty, they're all the same procedure. There are two types of buttock augmentation. One involves removing or moving fat to achieve the desired shape, and the other involves the surgical insertion of artificial implants into the butt to augment their size and change the shape. Most people seeking this surgery are women who are dissatisfied with the size of their buttocks.

The buttock is made of muscle, fat, skin and its underlying support is bone. The shape and contour of the butt depends greatly on the person's framework the so-called -bony structure. However, its main volume and definition comes from fat.

In a gluteoplasty, the incision is usually made in the buttock crease, where scars are not noticeable. However this area does carry a high infection risk. The doctor then creates a pocket large enough to insert the implant. The implants can be placed either under the gluteus maximus muscle, or on top of the muscle. Sometimes liposuction is needed in order to shape the buttocks.

Once both buttocks are complete, the doctor makes sure they are symmetrical and look natural and then closes the incisions. General anesthesia is the standard for this procedure, although some doctors use a local anesthetic along with a sedative. You should discuss your concerns regarding anesthesia at your consultation.

Recovery mainly involves recuperating from the liposuction. You cannot typically feel much pain in that area, but will experience minor discomfort from the liposuction. For several weeks it will be impossible to sit or lie on your buttocks. The recovery period is extremely critical and you must follow your doctor's instructions carefully.

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