ThermiVa Overall Review: 4.71

Meets Doctor Expectations: 4.39
Meets Patient Expectations: 4.43
Complications/Adverse Responses: 4.92
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Downtime: 4.88
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Pain: 4.94
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Review by: American Health and Beauty Editors
Why Physicians Recommend ThermiVa
  • Completely non-invasive, minimal downtime (some report discomfort or spotting for a few days)
  • Doctors report high satisfaction rate of patients
  • Many women comment in reviews that ThermiVa helps with Urinary Incontinence, frequency & urgency.
  • The majority of patients who review this procedure are pleased with the overall result
Complaints About ThermiVa
  • Sessions take longer than newer RF devices
  • Common complications may include: some spotting 24 hours after the treatment, a mild throbbing sensation, temporary redness, temporary swelling, temporary discomfort.
  • Results do not last as long as they do with some of the other technologies.
  • ThermiVa was early in this market, and has a very large base of providers
  • Although you will probably notice improvement after just one treatment, it is suggested that you have at least three
Patients dominantly recommend this procedure, however, many physicians are migrating towards newer technologies to deliver faster, more predictable outcomes.

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