Why Do I look Over-Plumped After Juvederm and Restylane Filler?

Why Do I look Over-Plumped After Juvederm and Restylane Filler?

Question: My first Juvederm treatment looked great but after 3 or 4 repeat treatments, I look “plastic” and overly smooth. Is there a filler that won’t make my face look so artificial and puffy?

Answer by Dr. Anita Mandal: Not all fillers are the same. Temporary fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Belatero are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers which consist of synthetic HA material for filling.

As we age, our bodies become prone to fluid retention. Many patients are not aware that HA fillers work by attracting water from your body. This water-retaining property makes it more likely for HA fillers to give an over-filled, overly smooth, “plastic” look.

Additionally, because HA fillers last 6-12 months and require frequent refilling, a layer of scar tissue is deposited along the injection path each time you get a repeat treatment. Treatments into deep soft tissue zones every 6-12 months lead to buildup of scar tissue and interfere with your lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic vessels drain fluid and toxins, blockages can lead to further fluid build-up and puffiness.

Unlike HA fillers, long-term fillers like Bellafill or Renuva are only injected once in many years and aren’t associated with the kind of scar tissue build up seen with HA fillers.

As a 5-year filler, Bellafill biostimulates your body’s own collagen. As a regenerative filler, Renuva causes growth of your own natural fat cells in the areas it is injected. Both Bellafill and Renuva can restore volume to the face. However, since they do not attract water like HA fillers, Bellafill and Renuva are much less prone to puffiness when treatments are performed by a highly skilled injector.

As a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in the face, eyes and neck, Dr. Mandal’s philosophy is to reverse the signs of aging without making you look different, unnatural or distorted. She believes that after a cosmetic procedure, a patient should appear rested, refreshed, more youthful but also look as they are simply aging beautifully without obvious signs that a cosmetic procedure has been performed.

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