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ADDED March 27, 2019 - In addition to treating the abdominals & buttocks, EMSCULPT is now FDA cleared for strengthening, firming and toning of arms and thighs.  Clearance for Calves is expected soon.   Although thousands of patients have been treated, not 1 adverse response has been reported*

Contour your abs or lift your butt without surgery! The first device that simultaneously treats both Muscle & Fat. EMSCULPT is FDA approved and builds muscle & disrupts fat cells at the same time. EMSCULPT uses a new energy source, HIFEM, high intensity focused electromagnetic energy. This non-surgical body contouring treatment forces muscle contractions causing muscle build and the release of free fatty acids, actually imploding fat (adipose) cells.

non-invasive butt lift
Before & After Photos of Non-Surgical Butt LIft with Emsculpt courtesy ABC13.com

"This is a breakthrough device using a completely new energy source--high intensity focused electromagnetic fields- first of its kind in the aesthetic space," says Dr. Bruce Katz, a New York dermatologic surgeon who performed clinical trials on EMSCULPT, who went on to explain, "We will be able to tighten the muscle layer which we couldn't do before and we can reduce fat too - a great benefit for body contouring."

"No other device uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to create a positive change in the shape of the body.," explained Dr. Carolyn Jacob a dermatologist in Chicago. "It is painless, effortless to perform, and can be added to other treatments that patients are already coming in to have (such as cryolipolysis, RF tightening). Plus, no other technology has yet to show changes in muscle tone, a KEY part of our well-being and physique. Imagine if we can improve posture, strength and reduce diastasis recti for sufferers, for the long-term improvement of our health. We’re just at the beginning of learning how much this new technology can do for our patients. It’s a really exciting time for us and BTL!" How Much Will EMSCULPT Cost? Pricing for EMSCULPT varies from practice to practice but we found $750 to $1,000 per treatment to be the range. With 4 treatments typically required over 2 weeks, the average total cost for EMSCULPT is $3,000 to $4,000. Does EMSCULPT Hurt? EMSCULPT is painless and there is no downtime. To date, there have been no adverse reactions to the treatment. Most patients will feel muscle soreness the next day, similar to how it feels the day after a good gym workout.

*company data released March 28, 2019 at ASLMS

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