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Juliet by Cutera is a 10 minute*, in-office procedure that utilizes Erbium Laser Technology (Er:YAG) to deliver two modes of energy to the vaginal area. According to the company, patients experience improved sexual function and an overall improvement in vaginal health.

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Juliet treats vaginal atrophy, burning, itching, dryness and painful intercourse in the vaginal wall typically associated with menopause and post-partum changes. Dr. James Mirabile, an OB/Gyn in Overland Park, Kansas explained the advantage of the Juliet vs. other devices on the market, "the erbium hand piece can be used to treat the exterior of the vulva, making cosmetic improvements to the labia minora, the labia majora, with no down time, just a couple of days of feeling like they have a sunburn." “Results may be seen after 1 treatment but up to 3 are recommended,” stated Dr. Mirabile.

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One patient of Dr. Mirabile, a mother of 5 in her late 40’s, used to stop 8 times to use the restroom on her 9 hour car trips to Colorado, after 1 treatment with the Juliet she made the same trip and only stopped twice. In addition, she skied all week and had no leakage issues, which she previously suffered from.

*typical - times and results vary

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