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Best Of VASER Lipo And VASER Lipo With Fat Grafting Results


Congratulations to triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway for winning the best before and after photos for his impressive VASER Lipo And VASER Lipo With Fat Grafting results!

Since the advent of liposuction, technique and technology has been refined to the point that consumers no longer have to depend on mechanical energy to break up fat. While effective, traditional liposuction uses force to break up fat cells, effectively destroying the cells so they can be suctioned out. New technology such as the VASER Lipo allows for intact fat to be removed so it can be transferred to a more desirable location in a fat transfer.

vaser lipo and brazilian butt lift dr. david broadway
Actual Before and After VASER Lipo
With Fat Grafting Results by Dr. David Broadway
Recently, the manufacturers of VASER Lipo, Sound Surgical Technologies held their first annual photo contest in which Before and After photos of VASER Lipo and VASER Lipo With Fat Grafting could be submitted for Best Results. After many submissions, the winner of Best Results in both categories as voted by physicians and patients, was awarded to American Health and Beauty Editorial Board member and triple board certified Denver plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway.

One of the most renowned plastic surgeons amongst his peers and patients, Dr. Broadway is also an international instructor that trains other physicians on the most advanced body contouring and sculpting techniques using VASER Lipo and {!VASER Hi-Def} at the bod:evolve facility. According to Dr. Broadway, "Surprisingly, many people think liposuction is used as a weight loss tool and it really is not. Liposuction is a procedure that is ideal for a person of normal weight who wants to get rid of problematic areas such as extra spot fat."

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vaser before and after
Actual Results of VASER Lipo by Dr. David Broadway

VASER Lipo uses ultrasound energy to gently remove intact fat cells while minimally damaging surrounding tissue. Ultrasound is tissue selective and may be directed to target only fatty tissue, disrupting but not destroying the fat cells themselves. This makes VASER Lipo ideal for a fat transfer to another part of the body, typically the breasts for a Natural Breast Augmentation or the buttocks for a Brazilian Butt Lift.

VASER Lipo may be used on it's own to offer fat reduction in delicate areas or used on larger patients to remove a large volume of fat. It may also be combined with VASER Hi-Def to deliver more precisely sculpted results. "High definition liposuction, such as VASER Hi Def, is not only about removing bulges and making people smaller," states Dr. Broadway, "At our practice, we offer VASER Hi Def to project underlying anatomy, both boney and muscular anatomy, onto skin to place the emphasis on contouring rather than just de-bulking an individual. Our goal is to bring out musculature that is normally achieved through athleticism verses standard liposuction, which is mainly about removing fat."

Since VASER Lipo is typically performed without general anesthesia, which means quicker recovery for patients. "This procedure can be performed under a tumescent technique or under general anesthesia, however, the latter is rare. Typically, we inject tumescent fluid into the treatment area and then we begin the VASER Lipo procedure." Depending on how large of a treatment area and how much fat is removed, for example for a smaller area, patients can be back to work within 2-3 days vs. 1-2 weeks with traditional liposuction.