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Excessive Underarm Sweating Treated With Axilase or VASER Lipo


Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is now being treated with advanced technologies such as the Axilase or VASER Lipo for permanent results.

Millions of people suffer from hyperhydrosis, also known as excessive sweating. And while sweating is a normal occurrence and necessary to keep the body cool, excessive sweating in public functions can be embarrassing and a nuisance. For many men and women, this means not being able to wear the type of clothing they want or covering up with more layers, further exacerbating the situation. New technologies have been used to treat hyperhidrosis, including injections of the neurotoxin BOTOX or Dysport but these are temporary and last up to a year. Physicians are now using lasers such as the Axilase, Smartlipo or VASER Lipo to permanently stop hyperhidrosis.

axilase vaser lipo hyperhidrosis
Actual patients treated for Hyperhidrosis using VASER Lipo
Photo Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com
Recently seen on Good Morning America, Dr. Mitchell Chasin uses the Axilase to treat patients who have hyperhidrosis. Using a laser, Dr. Chasin destroys sweat glands, therefore halting excessive sweating. Similar to this procedure, Denver Hyperhidrosis Treatment provider Dr. W. Jason Martin uses the VASER Lipo to treat excessive sweating under the arms.

"Historically, for treatment of hyperhydrosis, we have used BOTOX in my practice. The problem with BOTOX is the effect only lasts up to a year," says Dr. Martin, "Fortunately, now we have found that utilizing the VASER Liposuction to treat the armpit area or the axillary area, we've had at least 80% reduction in sweating - and that's permanent." Dr. Martin points out that while the procedure is more expensive, it's comparable to continual visits for BOTOX treatments.

Dr. Martin explains how the VASER Lipo, which is intended to treat fat, works on reducing sweat glands. "The VASER liposuction utilizes ultrasound technology which is energy from sound waves. We perform it as a traditional liposuction alternative since the sound waves break up the fat globules and allow fat removal in a way that is less dramatic than regular liposuction," describes Dr. Martin, "The same idea is associated with the treatment of hyperhidrosis because we're applying the VASER Lipo to the area where the sweat glands are to affect the anatomy of the sweat glands. By using the VASER Lipo, we can, in effect, remove a lot of the sweat glands. At the very least, we're inhibiting them from functioning appropriately by using energy from the ultrasound device." Dr. Martin says the VASER Lipo destroys a portion of sweat glands and more importantly, the ultrasound renders the sweat glands inactive.

While many people suffer hyperhidrosis all over their body, not just under the arms, there is not a permanent treatment for other parts of the body quite yet. "In our experience, the VASER Lipo treatment has really only been used in the underarms because it's doable; it's easier in that area," explains Dr. Martin, "There's been talk about trying in other areas, like the hands and other parts of the body but that would be a lot more difficult. We'd have to develop a new type of cannula for that. So right now the treatment area for hyperhidrosis with the VASER liposuction devices is the axilla, or underarm area."

The procedure takes approximately an hour and can be performed in the office, not in a hospital or an OR facility. The area is numbed and the procedure performed. There is some recovery time associated with the procedure but it is fairly short.