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What Is PowerX Liposuction?


A new power-assisted liposuction device, PowerX may reduce superficial to large volumes of fat for more precise body sculpting and contouring.

Recently FDA approved in the US, the newest in power-assisted liposuction devices is PowerX, from the creators of VASER Liposelection and {!VASER Hi-Def}. Combining a unique rotational handpiece with multiple power settings, PowerX allows for a wide range of body sculpting and contouring. Capable of superficial work to large volume fat removal, the PowerX allows physicians more control by reducing aspiration time and therefore, physician fatigue.

what is powerx liposuction
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There are many options for body contouring and PowerX offers physicians and patients another choice to custom-tailor treatment. Medical Director at the premier Riverbanks Clinic and London based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ravi Jain discusses the differences between different types of treatment and how PowerX differs.

"Vaser Liposelection uses 3rd generation ultrasound to emulsify fat before it is aspirated. Smartlipo uses a laser to melt the fat before it is aspirated. Tickle Lipo is a form of power-assisted-liposuction based on nutational movements (spiral) which helps speed up suction," describes Dr. Jain, "PowerX is a power-assisted device which can be used alone or in combination with Vaser Liposelection. With Power X, it is possible to have custom-built cannula to suit surgeon preference. The cannula rotational angle and speed can be adjusted independently of each other providing further surgeon customization."

This further customization allows for physicians to offer the best treatment for patients who are concerned about excess fat, including patients who have previously undergone liposuction. The ideal patient for PowerX is anyone who has larger volumes of fat in areas such as the abdomen, flanks, and outer thighs. Dr. Jain often uses PowerX in conjunction with his VASER patients.

The rotational rotational handpiece may allow for more comprehensive fat removal. "Fatty tissue can be removed all the way around the cannula for greater efficiency and smoother results when compared to other power-assisted-suction devices," continues Dr. Jain, "When using Vaser Lipo on larger patients, Power X can also be used to speed up the procedure time when de-bulking the deeper and mid layers, while preserving a lot of the benefits of Vaser Liposelection."

Dr. Thomas Barnes who performs PowerX in Orange County California, and has used many body contouring devices while training other physicians on different liposuction techniques for many years says, "I am truly impressed with how quiet the PowerX device is and how easy it is to use to get even, seamless body contouring results. The treatment is virtually painless, so the PowerX will be a real plus for my awake body contouring patients for both small areas and large liposuction procedures. It's a true advancement for lipo-contouring!"

Initial results may be seen immediately, however some swelling should be anticipated for the first few weeks post procedure. Final results are achieved between 4-12 weeks, depending on whether or not PowerX is used with other modalities.