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Elite Lipo - Fat Removal for the Thin


New lipo techniques allow physicians to sculpt the bodies of those who are already in great shape, but want more definition.

When most of us think about liposuction we associate it with the overweight. After all, by definition the procedure involves the removal of fat, so why would a thin person need it? There are some new procedures, often referred to as 'hi def' which are intended for those who are already thin and healthy and are looking for a more chiseled look.

"We're really trying now to show some definition, we're showing the anatomical detail that the muscles and underlying bony tissues give us," says cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Broadway who performs {!Vaser Hi-Def} in Denver. Vaser lipo uses ultrasonic energy to break up fat before it is suctioned out. Dr. Broadway has developed a "Hi-Def" version of this procedure. "It incorporates the technology from Vaser and helps us to emulsify the fat, but it's also a technique, a structured way to get about doing your procedures that allows us to get a more defined look, a more athletic look, a more youthful look."

This treatment is not for those who have a large volume of fat to be removed, rather it's intended for those who are already in great shape but can't quite get their bodies to where they'd like them to go. Dr. Broadway is able to use his special technique to sculpt their bodies, revealing the underlying musculature.

smartlipo hi definition before and after photos
Actual SmartLipo Hi Def Results of Dr. John Millard

Another option for those who want a sculpted physique is the SmartLipo Triplex. Using laser energy, this device targets and melts fat prior to suction. Dr. John Millard performs SmartLipo in Denver and says, "With traditional liposuction, you're relegated to deep areas of fat, namely the lower belly, the thighs, and the flanks. In the last several years, new technologies have really left [traditional liposuction] in the dust. Laser lipolysis, and specifically SmartLipo, allows us to do much more than just remove deep fatty layers or de-bulk people. Traditional liposuction, you're really, for the most part, limited to deep areas of fat, namely, the lower belly, the thighs, and the flanks. You can take SmartLipo into the face, neck, calves, ankles, arms, really almost every body area can be affected and improved upon by SmartLipo."

The new Triplex device enables Dr. Millard to treat other areas than those traditionally reserved for liposuction. "We can treat the arms, calves and ankles, and even more significantly, the three dimensional procedures we're doing throughout the body - the SmartLipo Hi Def procedures.... This is a truly brilliant device that enables us to go into all these areas," says Dr. Millard.
zerona before and after pictures
Zeltiq results of Dr. Lori Brightman

The skinny can also look to non-surgical options for the pesky areas that exercise and diet can't touch. Zeltiq is a completely non-invasive procedure that uses targeted cold therapy to remove fat. A slight suction is applied to bring the treatment area between two cold plates, where they stay for an hour. There is no discomfort and no downtime, but it does take months for the results to become evident.

Dr. Lori Brightman of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York is working with this device that uses a technology known as cryolipolysis. Dr. Brightman informs us, "[Zeltiq is] actually extracting heat from the fat cells, and your body's natural reaction to the inflammation that's created is to slowly dissolve those fat cells over time." She advises, "This is a good treatment for love handles, back fat, little lower poochy belly."