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SmoothShapes for Cellulite Reduction featured on 'The View'


"The Body and the Beach" segment aired on 'The View' - Friday April 18, 2008 discussed Cellulite Reduction using the newest SmoothShapes product from Elem' Medical

It's not too early to start this treatment regiment to get ready for summer... the protocol is 2 treatments per week for up to 4 weeks.

Elem' Medical's SmoothShapes 100 system was recently touted by Millennium Research Group's for Body Contouring Devices 2008 report as a new product that will fuel the Cellulite Reduction Market.

SmoothShapes is different than other systems because its technology, the 915nm laser and the 650nm light plus vacuum and mechanical manipulation are known for impacting engorged fat cells and inflexible collagen.

"After evaluating the technology and the clinical results, SmoothShapes appears to be leaps ahead of other cellulite technology," said Patricia Wexler, MD who is the first New York City dermatologist to offer the SmoothShapes system for long-lasting cellulite treatment.. "The unique combination of laser and dynamic light therapy, in addition to contoured rollers and suction, appears to give results that provide long-lasting cellulite reduction, without the need for monthly maintenance."

"More than 85 percent of women develop cellulite, and treating it safely and effectively is one of the holy grails of dermatology," said Nancy M. Briefs, President and CEO of Elem Medical. But now, unlike other systems designed to treat cellulite, SmoothShapes can significantly improve the appearance of cellulite without the pain, bruising and post-treatment discomfort.

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