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Fuller Lips Now Available With PermaLip Implant


The SurgiSil PermaLip implant offers a permanent solution to getting the perfect pout without repeated injections.

Patients seeking a volume in their lips previously had two lip augmentation choices: Fat Transfer or Facial Fillers. While one is still undetermined in its ability to retain permanence, the other means costly re-injection to the lips to continue the perfect pout. Another option has proven itself to be a contender in the lip augmentation field, the SurgiSil PermaLip.

permalip before and after photos
Actual Before and After PermaLip Results of Dr. Richard Fleming

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming says the PermaLip is a permanent alternative to volumizing the lips with facial fillers or injectables. Previously, facial fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane were used to rejuvenate and plump up the lips but these results were often fleeting and required another treatment every 4-6 months.

Made of soft silicone, the PermaLip implant comes in different sizes and shapes to tailor to the patients desired volume. Dr. Fleming performs the procedure through "minute 3mm incisions at the corners of each lip," after which the incisions are not visible.
permalip results
Actual Before and After Photos of PermaLip by Dr. Richard Fleming

According to Dr. Fleming, "PermaLip implants feel like normal lips; they have a softness with natural tone, the same as a young persons lips," and risks are minimal since the silicone material that the implant is made of does not create an antibody reaction in the body.

"Facial fillers and injectables are a temporary solution that last approximately one year at which point the process requires the inconvenience and additional cost of repeat maintenance," states Dr. Fleming, "PermaLip does not require this type of maintenance." In fact, PermaLip results last as long as the patient wants to keep them at that size. It is also just as easy for patients to swap out their existing PermaLip implants for larger ones or to have them removed for lips to return to their natural state.
permalip before after results
Actual Permalip Results of Dr. Richard Fleming

Dr. Fleming noted that while the body will continue to age and change over time, future lip revision surgery may be required to overcome the aging process. Many of Dr. Fleming's PermaLip patients have previously had fillers and are still ideal candidates for the procedure.