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Cupid's Bow: Enhance Your Lips Without Fillers or Implants


Get the lips you want with this quick, in office procedure.

There are many options available in lip enhancement that use injectables like Radiesse or even transfer your own fat to your lips for a more full and youthful appearance. The downside to these though is that they're all temporary and you will have to have more volume injected in the future.

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Until recently, if you wanted a permanent solution for thin lips you had to turn to implants like the PermaLip facial implant from Surgisil. This is an easy implant procedure, "It's done in my office, local anesthesia, takes about 20 minutes, and people go home the same day," says Dr. Matthew Schulman of Matthew Schulman Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, NY. He does caution that there is some swelling following the procedure, so you may not want to go out for about a week. However, there are some patients who don't want anything implanted and for those, one awesome new option is the Cupid's Bow surgery.

The arch of the upper lip is often referred to as Cupid's Bow and in this simple surgery, which was recently performed on The Doctors,the physician makes 3 incisions on the inside of the upper lip. These 3 v-shaped incisions are then stitched together, and the flap between them is pushed forward, advancing the tissue and creating a more defined Cupid's Bow and fuller upper lip.

During the procedure, the patient is awake which minimizes the risks of surgery often associated with the use of anesthesia. Healing doesn't take long at all and there are few side effects other than some swelling and pain in the lip.