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Lip Augmentation Using Your Own Natural Fat


Use your own fat to make those thin lips pop.

Many women have concerns about a lack of fullness in their lips. There are several treatments available using facial fillers for plumping lips, the Cupid's Bow Surgery or lip implants as well. There is another more natural option however which uses your own fat to give your lips the plump you desire.

Cory had always been concerned with her small lips and she visited Dr. Drew Ordon of "The Doctors" to seek help for her problem. Dr. Ordon harvested fat from her stomach using a syringe then placed it into a centrifuge to prepare it for re-injection into Cory's lips.

The fat harvested was only a small amount, about 20 CCs and the procedure was performed under only local anesthesia. After preparing the fat, it was transferred to a new syringe and injected at key points in Cory's lips in a woven pattern. The results are immediate and side effects are minimal.

Consult a doctor in your area to determine what the best method would be to plump your lips making sure to discuss all the risks and benefits of each option.

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