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A Permanent Lip Plumper - Cupid's Bow Surgery


Creating a fuller and more kissable pucker.

Dissatisfied with the shape or lack of fullness of your lips? Previously, the only Lip Augmentation options available were short-term and required return visits for maintenance. Now, immediate results can be created without fillers or [!implants | 1467] and best of all, it's permanent. As seen on "The Doctors", the Cupid's Bow Surgery creates a fuller and more kissable pucker.

The arch of the upper lip is often referred to as the cupid's bow. The V to Y advancement surgery consists of v-shaped incisions in the upper lip and then stitched together to push the tissue forward thus creating a more defined cupid's bow and fuller upper lip.

Unlike fillers such as Radiesse or Restylane that need to be re-injected over time or implants that could potentially be rejected by the body, the Cupid's Bow Surgery is permanent and requires only one procedure.

Get your pout on.

permanent lip augmentation