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Lip Augmentation Facts

  • Many options ranging from temporary to permanent
  • Both non-surgical and surgical treatments available
  • Often performed with injectable fillers

Lip augmentations have become increasingly popular in recent years. Some types of lip augmentation involve the insertion of natural or synthetic materials. Other surgical techniques bring tissue from the inside of the lip to the outside. Some of these procedures are permanent, while others provide only temporary results.

Patients have several options in lip augmentation:

  • Lip Implants: There are many brands of lip implants, including the Perma Facial Implant permanent lip implant from SurgiSil. "Until this product came along, plastic surgeons just settled on using temporary fillers, that needed to be redone every 6-9 months," says Dr. Matthew Schulman of Matthew Schulman Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, NY. The implant is permanent for as long as you want it, and if you can have it removed later if needed.

  • Fat Transfer: In this procedure, your doctor will remove fat from one area of the body, such as the stomach or love handles, and after a simple refinement process, the fat is injected back into your lips for a fuller appearance.

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  • Dermal Fillers: Injectable fillers are often used for a temporary improvement. Different fillers last for varying lengths of time, so follow up visits will be necessary. Discuss with your physician which facial filler is best for your desired outcome.

  • Cupid's Bow Surgery: The arch of the upper lip is known to as Cupid's Bow. In a simple surgical procedure, also called the V to Y advancement surgery, the surgeon makes 3 v-shaped incisions in the upper lip which are then stitched together, pushing the tissue forward and creating a fuller upper lip.

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