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The Bachelor's Gia Says Her Lips Are Real


Reality TV gets real about cosmetic procedures.

Gia Allemand from season 14 of ABC's The Bachelor was recently denied a rose and sent home, after making it to the final three women vying for Jake Pavelka's heart. Gia appeared on Ellen and spoke to Degeneres about the rumors that she has had something done to her lips to make them more voluptuous.

gia from the bachelor
Gia Allemand says she hasn't had lip
augmentation on The Ellen Degeneres Show
Gia showed a picture of herself at 9 years old which showed that her lips are indeed real. Lip augmentation is a procedure during which implants are actually placed inside the lip to plump them out, much like having breast or buttock implants placed. Some women have their lips enhanced with injectables that are temporary, but require no surgery and offer nice results.

US Weekly reports that Gia has had breast augmentation surgery. According to their report, she had it done and wasn't pleased with the results so she had a revision surgery done at a later time. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the US. Sometimes women undergo revision like Gia to correct a problem, other times they may replace their original implants with larger ones, or switch from saline to silicone breast implants or vice-versa.

Another contestant on The Bachelor, Vienna, who is rumored to be the winner, was accused in US Weekly of stealing her husband's money to fund her breast augmentation. The ex and his mother claim that while he was deployed in Iraq, she took $5000 from his bank account to pay for her breast implants. Whoever Jake chooses -- it should be an interesting finale.