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4 Options for Perfect Lips


There are several ways to get beautifully plumped lips, so make sure you know your options in lip augmentation.

Full lips are a symbol of youth and beauty and many women who feel that their lips are too thin are turning to their aesthetic physicians to get the perfect pout. Women have many choices in lip augmentation that include injectables and implants, and even the use of your own fat.

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  • Lip Implants: Implants such as the Perma Facial Implant permanent lip implant from SurgiSil can dramatically enhance your lips. "Until this product came along, plastic surgeons just settled on using temporary fillers, that needed to be redone every 6-9 months," says Dr. Matthew Schulman of Matthew Schulman Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, NY. He says this implant on the other hand is permanent and the procedure is fairly simple. "It's done in my office, local anesthesia, takes about 20 minutes, and people go home the same day." He does caution that there is some swelling following the procedure, so you may not want to go out for about a week.

  • Fat Transfer: Recently discussed on The Doctors, with a fat transfer procedure, your doctor can remove fat from one area of the body, such as the stomach, and after a simple refinement process, inject the fat into your lips for a fuller appearance. Patients are even having this done to fill out other areas of the body such as the breasts and buttocks.

  • Dermal Fillers: Injectable fillers such as Radiesse or Restylane can be used as well to restore fullness to the lips. Different fillers last for varying lengths of time, so follow up visits will be necessary. Discuss with your physician which facial filler is best for your desired outcome.

  • Cupid's Bow Surgery: The arch of the upper lip is often referred to as Cupid's Bow. In a simple surgical procedure, also called the V to Y advancement surgery, consists of v-shaped incisions in the upper lip which are then stitched together to push the tissue forward, creating a more defined Cupid's Bow and fuller upper lip.

Whether you want Angelina's lips or something a little smaller, there is certainly an option for your desired outcome.