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Aesthetic Treatments for the Nearly 30


Women approaching 30 may want to check out these great body enhancing procedures.

A recent study by medical laser manufacturer Cutera found that when approaching a milestone birthday, most women feel optimistic and excited at what the future holds. The national survey was conducted in March with nearly 1000 women and offers important insights into the emotions and behaviors of women as they approach a new decade.

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One of the most interesting findings of the study is that women approaching 30 are twice as likely to say they feel anxious about their milestone birthday than those approaching 60. For many women, milestone birthdays are a time to reflect on their lives, and some look to their aesthetic physician for help with rejuvenation. With 30 looming, here are some great cosmetic procedures:

  • Cellulite Reduction - Most women have it, and all women hate it. The lumpy skin texture of cellulite is not attractive and it plagues even the thin. Cellulite reduction procedures like Reaction by Viora and VelaShape both help to smooth out the surface of the skin by using different combinations of radio frequency, suction, and tissue manipulation.

  • Laser Lipo - These body contouring treatments use laser energy to heat and melt fat cells so that they are easy to remove. Procedures like SmartLipo and ProLipo also deliver heat energy to the skin, stimulating it so that skin will tighten, leaving a beautifully trim contour.

  • Tattoo Removal - The ivy on your lower back sounded great when you were 18, but now that college is over and the real world is here, you may be regretting that decision. Luckily, laser tattoo removal is a simple procedure that is more effective and less painful than when it first premiered.

  • Breast Augmentation - If you're looking to have a little more up top, there are more options available than just implants. New techniques harvest fat removed during liposuction and place it into the breast. While the results aren't dramatic, likely no more than 1 cup size, many women prefer this natural approach.