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Beauty Tech Review: Laser Lipo Devices - SmartLipo


SmartLipo is probably the most well-known name in laser lipo. Working with Aesthetic Trends and Technologies magazine, we spoke to several different physicians to get their view of laser lipo devices. ProLipo is the fifth segment in American Health and Beauty's Laser Lipo Round Table Series.

SmartLipo is widely accepted as the gold standard for laser lipo. In recent years, the competition has grown thick as more than a dozen other technologies have sprung up for laser lipo alone, not to mention ultrasound and water assisted machines as well. We spoke to Dr. John Millard, a cosmetic surgeon in Denver, CO, about SmartLipo and why laser lipo is preferred over traditional methods.

All laser lipo devices work by melting or emulsifying the fat before it is removed. This makes the fat much easier to suction out than in traditional methods. After melting, the physician must go back with suction to remove the emulsified fatty tissue. The technologies use different wavelengths of laser energy and some have combined wavelengths within one unit.

"With traditional liposuction, you're relegated to deep areas of fat, namely the lower belly, the thighs, and the flanks." Dr. Millard says, "In the last several years, new technologies have really left [traditional liposuction] in the dust. Laser lipolysis, and specifically SmartLipo, allows us to do much more than just remove deep fatty layers or de-bulk people. Traditional liposuction, you're really, for the most part, limited to deep areas of fat, namely, the lower belly, the thighs, and the flanks. You can take SmartLipo into the face, neck, calves, ankles, arms, really almost every body area can be affected and improved upon by SmartLipo." SmartLipo is useful on many areas in the body, those that have superficial fat such as the neck and even the face.

SmartLipo is able to not only emulsify and remove fat, but to tighten the skin as well. "The SmartLipo Multi-plex, and now, even more so, the SmartLipo Triplex can be utilized as a single device for both mass fat removal, skin tightening and body sculpting." This may help avoid the need for costly additional skin removal procedures such as tummy tuck and arm lift. "SmartLipo can effectively, rapidly, and safely remove fat from any body area and any body volume that traditional lipo or ultrasound lipo could."
smartlipo hi definition before and after photos
Actual SmartLipo Hi Def Results of Dr. John Millard

Though SmartLipo can be used for removing large amounts of fat, the best patient is still the one who is already in shape. According to Dr. Millard, "The ideal candidates are patients that take care of themselves, works out. A patient that works out and has some dietary control, has about an 80-90% chance of maintaining their results. Absent a diet and exercise regimen, you have about a 25-30% chance of maintaining your results." So it's important to keep in mind that this is not a final solution to a weight problem. Dr. Millard says he does not like to perform SmartLipo on patients with a body mass index, BMI, over 30. "Fitness and nutrition are an important part of a patient's success."

One of the key benefits of SmartLipo is their ThermaGuide technology. This allows real time monitoring of the temperature under the skin, ensuring that the physician reaches the appropriate temperature for fat emulsification and skin tightening, and does not go too hot, avoiding burns. "The ThermaGuide sets the SmartLipo technology apart from just about everything else as far as safety. It's taken safety to a whole new level."

Dr. Millard says that with the techniques used in his office, patients are able to return to the gym as early as 10 days. "With liposuction, patients are typically thrown into a compression garment and told not to exercise for 6 weeks.... We have pioneered some advanced garment techniques where we use foam vests and garments, in combination with a specialized type of massage. We use radio frequency, we use external ultrasound, and we use the Cynosure TriActive as well in combination for 1 hour a day the first 10 days after the procedure." Dr. Millard says these procedures prevent most of the swelling from ever happening.
dr. john millard
Dr. John Millard
How much does SmartLipo cost? In Dr. Millard's office it is typically about $3000 per area treated for basic removal. SmartLipo Triplex allows for more involved, hi definition sculpting, rather than just traditional debulking, and the cost is about $5000 per area.

Dr. John Millard is a cosmetic plastic surgeon who serves the Denver area as well as many out-of-area patients, nationwide. Dr. Millard is board Certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Surgery. He speaks and teaches throughout the world and has been teaching physicians the latest advanced techniques in liposuction and body sculpting for over four years.

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This segment is part of a Laser Lipo Round Table. American Health and Beauty is highlighting these technologies and the physicians who perform laser lipo surgeries. Check back each day to learn more about what each technology has to offer.

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