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Removing A Double Chin With Smartlipo


A weak chin paired with excessive jowls may give a thin person the appearance of being overweight - now there's a solution to redefine the jawline and chin.

Most of the time, having a double chin is due to excessive weight. However, in some cases, genetics may play a large part and regardless of diet and exercise, you can be a thin person with a double chin. Traditional chin surgery calls for an implant but typically, along with a weak chin, there is excessive jowling - which is when the Smartlipo can be of assistance.

smartlipo for the neck
Actual Before and After Photos of Smartlipo Neck Shrink Lift by Dr. Thomas Barnes

As seen on The Doctors, a poorly defined lower third of a profile may be greatly improved with the use of a anatomically correct silicone chin implant. Following the chin implant, Smartlipo is used to remove the subcutaneous fat that typically creates the appearance of jowling. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti, "By using a silicone chin jowl implant, not only does it augment the chin but also the inner jawline and the entire mandible and chin becomes more prominent and contoured." Coupled with Smartlipo, the jawline and jowls can become redefined with better contours and definition.

In some cases, only Smartlipo is necessary to contour the neckline. The benefit of only getting Smartlipo is not undergoing surgery, which has it's inherent risks including anesthesia issues. "Going under the knife is not the first choice any more," states Newport Beach Neck Shrink Lift provider Dr. Thomas Barnes, "Due to technological breakthroughs, there are so many options to help people take years off their appearance without undergoing large surgeries. And the best part is we can perform these procedures that yield dramatic results without the risks of anesthesia."
smartlipo neck shrink lift alternative results
Actual Neck Shrink Lift Results of Dr. Thomas Barnes

After numbing the neck and chin area with a local anesthetic, Dr. Barnes performs Smartlipo to remove excess fat under the chin. The added benefit of the Smartlipo, which is a laser lipolysis device, is skin tightening from the use of the laser. After removing the fat, Dr. Barnes treats the area with another laser device to improve tightening for a smoother contour. The Smartlipo Neck Shrink Lift takes only 30 minutes and for most patients, downtime is minimal.

While there is some bruising and swelling, most patients are able to get back to regular activities with minimal soreness. There's a noticeable improvement right away and final results are seen in a few weeks.