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How To Treat Armpit Fat


Stubborn pockets of fat such as in the armpit area, may have found an enemy with the laser assisted liposuction device, Smartlipo.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you maintain a a good diet and you work out regularly but still have stubborn pockets of fat, you are not alone. Common trouble spots are the love handles, abdomen, back, thighs and armpit or bra fat that seem resistant to exercise or diet. In an ideal world, we could point to one part of our bodies and say I'm going to work out and lose weight here. Since that isn't the case, when you work out, you lose weight all over but there are other options available to rid yourself of stubborn spot fat.

how to get rid of armpit fat
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As seen on The Doctors, armpit fat or "pudge" may occur as we age, when our bodies place extra fat in that area but it is also an issue of skin laxity. Dr. Drew Ordon explains, "Laxity or loose skin happens everywhere on the body where your moving joints all the time." Traditionally, armpit fat has been treated with liposuction. The fat is broken up with mechanical force and then suctioned out under the arm. Dr. Ordon also points out an arm lift may be necessary, "If there is an issue of excess skin, that can be removed and an incision can be made under the arm to hide the scar."

Another option available to get ride of armpit fat is the laser assisted liposuction procedure, Smartlipo. This procedure may provide dual benefits - the laser that melts the fat may also provide skin tightening, thus eliminating the need for a second surgery and any additional potential scarring.

"A big concern for many women is they want to wear a strapless dress and they don't want to have bulges in front of the armpits or at their the back next to the upper arms," describes Newport Beach Smartlipo provider Dr. Thomas Barnes, "SmartLipo is great because it really helps tighten the armpit area's skin and gets rid of the bulges with an AWAKE procedure usually in under 30-45 minutes. Results are often immediate. We help women with armpit and loose skin concerns every week."

Dr. Barnes stresses that that one of the key benefits he and many other physicians have found with laser lipo is the increased skin tightening provided by the laser. "Most of us believe, and I say most of us, in spite of the data some people still don't believe it, you can get an increase of skin shrinkage - skin tightening - in addition to what you get from liposuction alone."

When describing the ideal Smartlipo patient, Dr. Barnes says, "The idealized patient who is in pretty good shape and just has stubborn pockets of fat. A great case is they are in good shape, not hypertensive or diabetic. You know their lifestyle is already somewhat controlled. What they take in nutritionally, they burn off every day."

Potentially a great option to get rid of stubborn armpit fat, Smartlipo may contour and tighten your problem area in just one procedure.