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Body Contouring for the Hunter/Gatherer - SmartLipo for Men


Just because you're a man doesn't mean you don't want to look good. SmartLipo

The numbers show that by and large, women have more cosmetic procedures than men. However, men aren't excluded from the group as several do turn to cosmetic surgery to help them lose the last bit of fat that they can't quite work off at the gym. One device that's helping men get the sculpted look they've been working for is SmartLipo.

This laser lipo machine is known as the gold standard and received FDA clearance in 2006. It works by using laser energy to melt the fat cells so they are more easily removed. The fat is then suctioned out as in traditional liposuction. This use of lasers has allowed a much more broad usage of liposuction so that physicians can treat not just deep fat, but other areas as well. Denver cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Millard says, "With traditional liposuction, you're relegated to deep areas of fat, namely the lower belly, the thighs, and the flanks. In the last several years, new technologies have really left traditional liposuction in the dust. Laser lipolysis, and specifically SmartLipo, allows us to do much more than just remove deep fatty layers or de-bulk people."

smartlipo hi definition before and after photos
Actual SmartLipo Hi Def Results of Dr. John Millard

The areas you can treat with SmartLipo range from stomach fat to the ankles. Dr. Millard uses the latest device in the SmartLipo family - the Triplex - to perform what are termed hi-definition procedures. He is able to be more defined and precise so that patients can enjoy not only smaller size but their underlying musculature can be revealed so that the surgeon is no longer just removing fat, but they are actually sculpting so that the patient looks more athletic following the surgery.

Dr. Millard says, "It's the absolute technology of choice for high def arms, high def knees and high def legs. I don't use anything else but the Triplex. High definition SmartLipo is an extension of what we developed and brought to the United States about four years ago." He says there are more areas that can be treated and that for men in particular, he's able to highlight many of the muscle groups men work hard to develop. "We've extended high definition liposculpture, namely high def arms where we're sculpting out biceps and tricep definition, deltoid/bicep group definition, and really creating the muscular and athletic look in both men and women."

All SmartLipo procedures are for those who are in reasonably good health, and most physicians prefer a BMI under 30. SmartLipo high def in particular is for those who have small areas of fat that they simply want removed to accentuate their underlying musculature.

The SmartLipo device actually offers skin tightening benefits as well, which traditional lipo doesn't offer. Patients can have their procedure done and in many cases they feel comfortable enough to go back to work in just a few days. If you've ever taken care of a sick man, you know how important it is that they feel better fast.